How to see who saved your posts for free on instagram? - [2022 Guide]

Someone is stocking your account, saving your posts on Instagram, and you want to see who is saving your Instagram posts?

Instagram and some 3rd party apps have the feature to see who saved posts from your Instagram feed.

There are two different ways to see who is saving your Instagram posts.

In this tutorial, we're covering both methods free and paid. In a free method, you'll need to compromise on a few things. In paid ones, you can easily able to see who saved or shared your posts for free on Instagram.

    How to see who saved your Instagram post?

    To see who saved your Instagram post, as we earlier said there are 2 ways to check who saved Instagram posts.

    You can check it directly through Instagram itself and another way is using the Instagram business account.

    Instagram has a feature to see the saved post. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in a Professional account.

    Either you need to switch to a Professional account or go for Paid method.

    1. Once you've switched to a Professional account from settings, navigate to your Profile.

    2. Select the Image or Video post that you want to see for

    3. Now select View Insights and you'll see the Bookmark icon there

    4. Select it and you'll be able to see the list of people who saved your posts

    For any reason, if you are not able to view the saved posts list on your IG account, then you can go with a Business version of Instagram.

    How to see how many people saved your Instagram post?

    To see saved post viewer count on Instagram, you have to follow previous method. Switch to the professional version of the account and select that post.

    Then tap View insights then you'll see stats related to that specific post. There you'll find the Bookmark icon. There will be a saved post count.

    How to see who viewed my Profile on Instagram?

    Just like the saved posts insights feature, you can't check who viewed your Profile directly on Instagram. Instagram doesn't have any feature to check it.

    You'll need to take the help of 3rd party apps. There are plenty of 3rd party apps available on the Play store. One of the best apps to monitor who is stalking your profile is Who viewed profile for Instag.

    'Who viewed profile for Instag' support features like you can see who viewed my profile and who are your blockers.

    Follow the given steps to see who viewed your profile

    Install the app from the Play store from the given link

    Login with your Instagram account

    There will be two tabs - Profile visitors and Blockers

    Select Profile visitors to see who viewed your profile, there will be a list of people who viewed your profile.

    Conclusion on How to see who saved your posts on Instagram

    In the above article, we've explained how we can see who saved your posts on Instagram.

    The practical answer is No. You can't see who saved your posts on Instagram directly, you'll need a Professional or Business account. But, you can see the exact count of saved posts.

    If you've any questions about this tutorial, please let us know through the comment section.

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