How to disable or enable LTE on Android & iOS?

How to disable or enable LTE on Android & iOS

4G-supported smartphones perform much better than LTE devices. Sometimes we need to disable LTE because of its lesser speed than 4G.

If you're one of them and wanted to Disable LTE on your Android or iOS device, then this post is for you.

Here in this tutorial, we've explained how to turn off LTE on iOS and Android devices like Smartphones, Tablets, and SmartWatch.

    What does LTE mean on Android?

    LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is a standard set by Telecomm companies for wireless data transmission which is much faster than 3G. 

    It is used to download music and media, stream the content online, and send data over applications.

    How to turn on and disable LTE on Android?

    You can turn on and off LTE through the inbuilt android setting, follow the below steps to enable and disable the LTE: 

    Enable or Disable LTE on Android

    1. Open android settings

    2. Select the Mobile Network/Carrier settings(option name depends on device and location)

    3. Now scroll down and select Preferred network type

    disable or enable LTE Page android

    4. Choose the LTE option from the list to enable or another option to disable it

    disable or enable LTE option android

    This is how you can enable or Disable the LTE on any android device.

    How to enable or disable VoLTE android?

    VoLTE(Voice over LTE) is the cool feature available in the 4G LTE. You can call using the Mobile internet service to other Mobile networks using VoLTE.

    1. Open settings and then select Carrier settings
    2. Now, scroll down and find the VoLTE option
    3. Toggle the option to enable Voice over LTE feature

    Now, you can call any other smartphone which is using VoLTE or a normal mobile network.

    How to turn on and off LTE on iPhone?

    The iOS mobile network settings are a bit different compared to Android. So, you can disable or enable LTE mode on iOS using the following path.

    Select iOS settings then choose the Cellular option

    Then, Tap Cellular data options and toggle Enable LTE

    This is how we can enable or disable the LTE option on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad.

    How to turn off LTE on the Samsung watch 4?

    Previously, we've seen how to turn on LTE on Android smartphones. Now, we'll see how we can enable or Disable LTE on the Samsung watch.

    Open the Settings > Connections > Mobile networks

    Under mobile networks, you'll find the LTE option, you can disable or turn it on according to need.

    FAQ - How to disable sim card android?

    You can disable your Sim card from this path - Settings > Mobile networks/Connection/Cellular.

    Then select the Sim card/Carrier from the page and there will be an option to enable or disable it.

    FAQ - How to turn on and off LTE on Samsung s20, s21, and other Galaxy devices?

    For all Samsung devices, the path is different as compared to other android devices. 

    • You can follow the given path - Settings > Connections > Mobile networks.
    • Then select Network mode then choose LTE only option from the dropdown. 

    If the given method doesn't work for you for any reason we have another method to forcefully enable it.

    1. Download the app called Force LTE Only (4G/5G). We've provided a Play store link.
    2. Open the app and choose the appropriate version of android. There will be options like Android below 11 or android 11+.
    3. Choose Sim 1 or 2 from the dropdown at the top
    4. Now, select the dropdown and select the LTE only option, that option enables the secret code of LTE only.

    You have successfully enabled LTE only option on your Samsung device.

    FAQ - How to turn off LTE on Vivo?

    For Vivo devices, the path to enable or disable the LTE is the same as we use for other android devices. Please refer to this article.

    Our views on how to turn off LTE on android and iOS

    From the above tutorial, we can say that every smartphone and smart device out there in the market has an LTE option.

    You can enable it from Mobile networks or the cellular option of the Device settings page. We've shared another trick to enable or disable the LTE option using 3rd party apps.

    If you have any queries please ask us through the comment section, so we can help you to resolve your issue.

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