How to delete a payment method on Doordash app in 2023?

How to delete a payment method on Doordash app

Doordash is one of the best grocery and food delivery apps in the US, Canada, and Australia. Like their delivery, then provides the simplest option to remove the Payment method.

Still, some people face issues when removing the current payment method like Credit or debit cards. So this article will be going to be for those people.

We've explained each and every step to delete the payment method on Doordash Android and iOS app.

    How to remove the payment from the doordash app?

    You should have at least one payment method before removing the previous one. So, first, we will need to add a payment method and then only we can remove the current payment method.

    First look at the list of payment methods supported by the Doordash platform.

    Doordash payment methods

    There are various payment methods available in the Doordash app. Those payment methods are as follows

    • Credit/Debit card
    • Apple/Google Pay/Paypal
    • COD
    • Direct bank account

    Remove payment method from Doordash Android & iOS app

    Doordash supports so many payment options to pay. When you want to change the payment option you can do it. Just follow the given instructions:

    1. Open the Doordash app
    2. Select the Account menu option from the top left corner of the app screen
    3. Now, choose the Payment Methods menu from a list
    4. Then, swipe the payment method toward the left, showing the delete option. Select it

    You can only remove the Non-card payment methods like PayPal, Apple, or google pay using this method. 

    For debit and credit cards, you'll need to add a new card or any other Payment method and set it up as default. 

    Then only the existing Credit or Debit card will get removed from the payment method.

    How to delete the doordash account?

    You can delete the doordash account using the doordash settings.

    • Navigate to Doordash Account Settings
    • Select Manage Account
    • Now, select the option Delete account under the Request archive section
    • Then, provide OTP that you got on your Mobile number or Email ID and select confirm to proceed

    You can also download your account data before deleting the Doordash account.

    There is another way also to delete the Doordash account which is using the Customer support method.

    In this method, you'll need to provide the details about your account and tell them the reason to delete the doordash account.

    You can request the Account deletion request through the Help section of the Doordash website or drop your request directly to their official Customer support email -¬†[email protected].

    FIX - Doordash won't let me remove my credit card?

    The Doordash app won't let me remove my credit card! We've already given the answer to this question previously in this article.

    The reason behind the issue is that you don't have any backup payment method in your doordash app. 

    You can't delete a credit card until you have another credit/Debit card or other payment method set as a default.

    So, first, add another credit card or any other payment option. Now, set it as your default payment method. 

    Then try to remove the existing Credit card from the Doordash payment method. It will definitely solve your problem.


    From the above article, we've concluded that you can remove or change your Payment Method in the Doordash app.

    For that, you'll need to contact Doordash customer support. They will do something about that. As per your Payment removal request with a valid reason, they will delete the payment method from your Doordash account.

    If you've any queries regarding this post, please let us know through the comment section or if you've any suggestions to improve this article, we'll be happy to add your points to this post.