How to delete AirWatch from iPhone and iPad?

How to delete AirWatch from iPhone and iPad

Most people don't know exactly how to delete AirWatch from iPhones. They find it too much difficult.

Some people reset the AirWatch from its settings to delete the AirWatch data from their iPhones. But, it doesn't delete the data from AirWatch.

If you're one of them, then this guide will help you to remove your Apple watch from your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

    How to delete AirWatch from iPhone?

    Deleting the AirWatch from iPhone doesn't only mean unlinking it with iPhone and resetting it from AirWatch settings.

    If you will reset Apple AirWatch from its settings, it will only delete its internal data, not the data that is synced with iPhone or iPad.

    You'll need to delete AirWatch from your iPhone using the AirWatch app. It will Delete the AirWatch data from iPhone and it will Unlink AirWatch from iPhone with the linked Apple ID.

    1. Open the Apple Watch/AirWatch mobile app
    2. Select the General option from the list of settings
    3. Scroll down and select Reset
    4. Now, choose Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings

    After all, You just need to add the Apple ID Password and wait to finish the process.

    It will remove the AirWatch data from iPhone, unlink the AirWatch with iPhone, Disable the Activation lock, and disable the Find My Watch protection.

    How to delete the AirWatch profile from iPhone or iPad?

    If you want to remove just the AirWatch profile from your iPhone, you can do it from iPhone or iPad settings.

    No need to remove it from the AirWatch Mobile app or AirWatch's settings.

    1. Open the iOS settings app
    2. Select the General option
    3. Scroll down and choose Device management under General settings
    4. Now, select Workspace services under Mobile Device Management
    5. Once Workspace services will get opened, tap Remove Management

    Your AirWatch profile will get removed from your iOS Device. For more details, refer to this post - How to delete an app that has a configuration profile on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

    How to delete widgets on iPhone?

    To delete or modify the iOS widget, you'll need to Press and Hold it until the remove option appears on that widget.

    If you have an older version of iOS, then probably you can remove or edit them from the widget section.

    • Open the Widget section and scroll it down
    • Now, select the Edit button

    Now, you can add or remove the previously added Widgets from here.

    How to remove an app entirely from your iPhone?

    Just like widgets, you'll need to follow similar steps to remove the app entirely from your iPhone.

    • Press and hold the app until it shows the remove option
    • Now, select that remove option and it will get deleted from your device entirely.

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    How to remove a device from iCloud?

    To remove an iOS device from iCloud, you will need to close that device turned off offline. Follow the given steps to completely remove a device from iCloud

    1. Sign in to iCloud
    2. Now, select the Find My iPhone option
    3. Tap the device under the device list and the device option like Play sound, Lost mode, Erase phone and Remove the account
    4. Choose the Remove the account option to remove it entirely from iCloud

    How to remove a device from an AirDrop?

    You can't actually remove the device from an AirDrop easily. Try the method that we've shown in this post. Still, if you are not able to remove the device from AirDrop, then you can use the below trick:

    • Open AirDrop/iCloud and change the Apple ID password
    • Login again with a new password

    This trick is will work in most scenarios. Because you are removing all the devices present in the AirDrop by resetting the Apple ID password.


    How to remove the iPhone or any other Apple device from the Find My Phone?

    Removing the device from iCloud is the same as removing the iPhone or any device from the Find My Phone settings. Find My Phone is the setting inside the iCloud to keep protected your device from theft.

    You'll need to sign in to iCloud and then select the Find My iPhone option. Then, remove your apple device from the device list as we've explained previously.

    Our views

    From the above article, we've concluded that AirWatch is resettable and removable from iPhone or any other iOS device.

    Removing the AirWatch or Apple watch from iPhone will remove all the data of AirWatch present in the iPhone, and unpair the Apple Watch from iPhone and from the iCloud also.

    If you've any questions about this tutorial, please let us know through the comment section.

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