Convert HEIC to JPG or JPEG on Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11

Convert HEIC to JPG or JPEG on Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11

HEIC is apple owned version of HEIF(High Efficiency Image File) which uses the HEVC compression technique to compress the image file. It is supported by most operating systems.

But sometimes due to limitations, some apps don't support HEIF or HEIC image processing. Then we need to convert it into JPG or JPEG.

JPG/JPEG is a universal format that supports almost all apps, devices, and operating systems.

In this article, we'll see how can we convert HEIC into JPG/JPEG on Windows, Mac, and online.

    How to convert HEIC to JPG or JPEG on windows?

    There are 3 different techniques you can use to convert the HEIC file into JPG/JPEG file. This tutorial works for almost all windows versions like windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

    Convert HEIC to JPG using Converter

    For this tutorial, we are suggesting a simple app called iMazing converter. You can download this HEIC to JPG Converter on your Mac or Windows PC from here.

    You can convert images from HEIC to JPG, JPEG, or PNG. It also supports apple's standard video format H.264 and H.265 video into .mp4. It is easy and free to use.

    1. First, open the iMazing converter app
    2. Drag the HEIC image file from File explorer and drop it inside that app
    3. Select the quality, resolution, and output file format, after that click on Convert
    4. Then, select Show files to see converted files in File Explorer

    Convert HEIC to JPG directly on windows

    You can convert the HEIC file into JPEG without converter software also. It is the simplest method to convert HEIC files into JPEG without any 3rd party converter software.

    You can use any image processing software available in the Windows system like Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Photos app, Paint, Photoshop, etc.

    I. Microsoft Photo Viewer or Photos app

    Microsoft Photo Viewer is available on older windows like 7, 8, or 8.1, and the Photos app is available on Windows 10 and 11. You can choose any of the apps for this method.

    1. First of all, open the Microsoft Photo Viewer or Photos app and then open the HEIC image in it

    2. Choose the Edit option

    3. Now, select Save as a Copy

    Save HEIC as JPEG

    4. Here, the Dialog box will pop up and you've to choose JPG or JPEG as Save as type

    Save HEIC image as JPG in Photos app

    That's it! Your HEIC image will get saved in JPG or JPEG format!

    II. Paint

    For any reason, you're not able to generate JPG or JPEG files. Just like the Photos app, you can edit the image and save it as JPEG.

    1. Open the file Explorer on your windows PC and open the HEIC image with Paint

    2. Now, select Save as from the Menu and save it as a JPEG file

    It will save the HEIC image as a JPEG image file.

    III. Photoshop

    If you want to convert the HEIC image with another option, then there is another app called Photoshop!

    You can also use Photoshop to save HEIC or any other image as JPEG or JPG image format.

    Photoshop will provide various other features like saving the JPEG in high or low compression, saving in different file formats, saving with more pixels and High quality, etc.

    Convert HEIC to JPG online

    If you don't have much time or storage to install the Converter app or inbuilt apps that didn't work for you, then you can Convert the HEIC to JPG online also.

    There are so many online conversion tools available, but we suggest using one online conversion tool called HEICtoJPEG by JPEGmini.

    Convert HEIC to JPG online using HEICtoJPEG

    • Open the online tool using the given ink
    • Drag and drop the image or select the image from the file picker
    • Select the images and wait to complete the conversion process
    • Now, select the Download JPEG option to download the image

    How to Batch convert HEIC to JPG?

    If you've multiple of HEIC files and want to convert those images in Batches, then you can't do it using the Windows Default apps like paint, photo view, or photoshop.

    You'll need to convert them one by one which is time-consuming. Converter software will do this for you, but they will ask you to upgrade to the premium version.

    So, you can mass convert HEIC images using the free Online HEIC to JPEG converter tool.

    This tool allows you to select 100 HEIC files at a time and you can Batch convert HEIC into JPG within very less time than compared to paid tools.

    Just drag and drop multiple files from your File Explorer and hit convert to see its magic.


    Convert HEIC to JPG on windows without the Software?

    If you wanted to convert the HEIC to JPG on windows without any software, you've plenty of options. You can do it using Inbuilt tools on Windows, Online conversion tools, batch files, etc.

    We've explained each and every method in this tutorial, please go through it.

    How to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac?

    Previously we've seen the HEIC to JPG conversion for Windows PCs, now we'll see it for Mac. 

    For Mac, you can use its inbuilt apps like the default photo viewer, or Preview app. 

    Open the HEIC image in the Preview app and choose the edit option. Then, save it as JPEG.

    Another way to convert HEIC to JPG is by using Online tools and 3rd party apps like the iMazing app that we've seen in the Windows tutorial.

    How to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone?

    The easiest way to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone is using the Online conversion tool that we've seen previously.

    • Open the HEICtoJPEG by JPEGmini in the Safari browser; it supports mobile platforms and also
    • Now, select the image pic option and choose the HEIC image
    • Select the download button

    You have converted HEIC files into JPEG or JPG within 2-3 minutes!

    Our views

    From the above article, we've concluded that there are plenty of options available to convert HEIC to JPEG or JPG. You have to choose it according to your need and your convenience.

    If you want to save time, go for Online conversion tools. If you're worried about the privacy of your files and don't want to use any converter tool, then you can opt for Windows's inbuilt tools like paint, Photo viewer, or Photos app.

    For mass conversion, there is also an option there for you. For mac and iPhones, you can use its inbuilt apps to convert the HEIC to JPEG.

    If you've any queries regarding this post, please let us know through the comment section or have suggestions, we appreciate you and we'll be happy to add your opinion to this post.

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