How to connect iPhone to Bose wave radio Bluetooth?

How to connect iPhone to Bose wave radio Bluetooth

Bose is one of the best Bluetooth speakers manufacturers. If you also have a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it to Smartphones using Wifi, Wired connection, or Bluetooth.

So many people face difficulties while connecting the iPhone and Bose Wave speaker using Wifi and Bluetooth.

In this article, we'll see how to connect iPhone to Bose wave using wifi and Bluetooth. This trick will work only for those iPhone that supports Bluetooth pairing.

    How to connect the iPhone to Bose wave radio Bluetooth?

    If you want to connect your iPhone with Bose Wave speakers using Bluetooth, follow the given steps:

    First, make sure that your Bose speaker is on Radio mode, connected to the Bluetooth adapter and your iPhone's Bluetooth is turned on.

    1. Open Bose SoundTouch app and log in with your Bose account
    2. It will open Music apps like Spotify, or Amazon Music whatever streaming service plan you have purchased
    3. Now, navigate to Speaker settings under settings
    4. Then choose the Bluetooth or Wifi option
    5. Now, search and pair the iPhone with Bose speaker using the Bluetooth

    Enjoy your music with Bose Wave radio using Bluetooth!

    How to connect an iphone to old bose radio?

    Bose offers a variety of speakers, if you're using old Bose radio and searching for how to connect an iPhone to that old Bose radio speaker. Then, you can refer to this method.

    1. It will definitely help you to establish a smooth connection between your iPhone and Bose radio. 
    2. Turn on your Old Bose Radio and open the docking port to connect the iPhone to Bose radio
    3. Plug in an iPhone auxiliary port connector with Bose radio speaker
    4. Bose by default supports 30-pin port connectors or you can use iPhone Bose connecting adapter
    5. Open the Music streaming app and start playing your favorite songs directly from your iPhone

    How to make a Bose Wave Radio Bluetooth?

    You can make your Normal Bose Wave Radio Bluetooth compatible with simple steps.

    Open your Bose Wave Radio Dock to connect the Bluetooth Docking Connector.

    Connect the Bluetooth adapter (that you can purchase from Bose and other online stores) with Bose Wave Radio.

    Accessories for Bose wave radio

    If you're planning to turn your Old Bose Wave Radio into the Bluetooth-supported Bose Wave Radio, then you'll need some connectors and other accessories like a Coolstream duo Bluetooth kit for Bose wave radio, Bose wave IV Bluetooth adapter, Bose Bluetooth adapter, Bose wave radio III Bluetooth.

    These Plug-and-play accessories. You can buy them from Bose's official website and Other online stores like Amazon, BestBuy, etc.

    Our views

    From the above article, we've concluded that you can connect your Bose Wave Radio to your iPhone with a cord or cable connector and Wifi.

    But, there are alternative ways to connect it to iPhone using Bluetooth. You can do this using the method that we've given in this tutorial.

    Also, you can convert your Old Bose radio speaker into Bluetooth compatible Speaker that will connect with your iPhone or Android phone.

    If you've any queries regarding this post, please let us know through the comment section or have suggestions, we appreciate you and we'll be happy to add your opinion to this post.

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