Can I use Google Pay on Amazon?

Can I use Google Pay on Amazon

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online cashless payment system developed by Google LLC to make Seller-Customer transactions contactless.

Various sellers, online stores & e-commerce websites support Google Pay as their payment method. Keep a note that this guide is created especially for US & Canada.

But, can we use Google Pay to purchase anything from Amazon? Continue with this article, so you'll get an idea about Google Pay integration on Amazon and other platforms. 

    Can I use Google Pay on Amazon?

    Does Amazon support payments through Google Pay? The answer is No. You can't pay using Google Pay on Any Amazon platforms like, amazon kindle service, Amazon Appstore, AWS, etc.

    For an alternative, Amazon has its own Portable Payment system called Amazon Pay. It is a rival of Google Pay, so you can get an idea, of why Amazon has not allowed other payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

    Amazon payment methods

    Which payment methods does Amazon support? Here is a list of payment methods that are categorized as Amazon's official payment methods.

    • All kinds of amazon cards(including Gift and store cards)
    • Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Diner's Club/JCB/NYCE/STAR Debit and Credit cards
    • UnionPay Credit cards
    • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Gift cards
    • Amazon Pay/Amazon Wallet

    For more details, refer to's official page about Amazon payment methods.

    Can I pay through Amazon pay using a credit card?

    As per mentioned in Amazon payment methods, you can use Amazon pay for any transaction on But if you're using a credit card through amazon pay, you can't do that.

    Alternatively, You can deposit your money into your Amazon wallet using a Credit card if Amazon allows you and then try to pay using your Amazon wallet.

    Does amazon take checks of Google Pay?

    No, According to their statement on not accepted payment methods, they don't accept Checks and postal orders.

    Does amazon accept Apple Pay or Samsung Pay?

    Just like Google Play, Apple & Samsung Pay are also Amazon's competitors. So Amazon won't accept these payment options. You'll need to choose Amazon Pay or wallet as your payment option.

    Does amazon accept debit cards?

    Amazon accepts Debit cards but there are some scenarios like your Debit card billing address should be US only. For more information, you can visit amazon's payment method page.

    Does accept Indian debit cards? accepts debit cards as its primary payment method, so you can use them to purchase anything from amazon.

    But, when it comes to using Indian debit cards. You'll probably need to check whether your card payment gateway service supports international payment or not?

    Amazon accepts Indian debit cards with payment services like MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and Amex only. In some cases, a Rupay card(International) is also accepted.

    Just make sure your card supports international transactions before getting started with your payment.

    What stores accept google pay?

    Google Pay is accepted in most stores like American Eagle Outfitters, Barneys New York, Giant Eagle, Macy's, and other stores.

    Actually, you don't need to search for which store accepts google pay and which store does not. Go and visit any store nearby your home and check if they have NFC Reader or you can 

    Where can I use google pay online?

    Nowadays, so many online stores have the payment option of Google pay. You can use google pay almost everywhere online. Just check which websites support contactless payment or not?

    If it supports Contactless payments then it will definitely make Google pay payments, except for some websites like Amazon.

    Can I use google pay on eBay?

    Does eBay accept google pay? Yes, you can pay using Google pay on eBay. Apart from Google pay, you can also use Apple Pay, PayPal, Debit, and credit cards.

    How to use google pay online?

    Just find the item which you want to buy from a specific website and add it to your cart. Now select Google to pay as your payment method. Thats it!

    Our views

    Our views on the above article are that you can't use Google pay or any similar payment option on Amazon. They will not allow it, because they have their own payment app.

    Alternatively, you can use the Amazon pay or wallet option to purchase anything or else search for the same item on other stores like eBay, BestBuy, etc.

    If you've any queries or suggestionsplease comment them down and let us know!

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