How to turn off iPhone and Android phone alarm without unlocking?

If you're using new generation iPhones like X, 11, 12, or 13, you can turn the alarm off with the Button or you've to do it by just looking at the Screen.

But, what about turning off the iPhone alarm without unlocking it? You can turn off an alarm in other ways, which we will be going to learn in this post.

    How to turn off the iPhone alarm without unlocking it or looking at a screen?

    You can turn off your alarm directly and by using your Face ID. You can simply tap on turn off when the alarm starts ringing or you can turn it off using face ID Unlocking. 

    We've 2 methods to turn the iPhone alarm without unlocking or touching it!

    1. Using Siri

    The first way to turn off the alarm is using Siri. But, can Siri turn off the alarm on an iPhone?

    The answer is Yes! You can turn off the alarm using Siri commands. You just have to say "Hey Siri, turn off the alarm on The Tech Review's ‌iPhone‌!".

    2. Using other apple devices

    How to turn off the iPhone alarm without the screen? The best solution is to use another Apple device that is connected to your iPhone through the Apple ecosystem.

    You can use Macbook, Mac desktop, or iPad, but the most suitable device is the Apple watch. You can turn off or snooze the alarm from anywhere. It doesn't require touching or looking at iPhone to turn off the alarm.

    3. Using an alert slider

    Another simple but useful trick to turn off the alarm is using the alert slider. Whenever you'll receive a sound of the alarm, just sitch the alert slider off. That's it! Your alarm will get turned off within a fraction of a second!

    How to turn on or set the alarm on your iPhone?

    Setting the alarm on iPhone is a very easy task to do. Still, some people didn't know the exact steps to turn on and off alarms on iPhones.

    Follow the given steps to set the alarm on iPhone:

    I. Open the Clock app and select the Alarm tab on your iPhone.

    II. Open your iPhone's Control center and select the alarm icon. You'll redirect to the alarm tab in the Clock app.

    III. Now, you can add a new alarm using the '+' sign or edit previously added alarms.

    How to turn off the alarm without unlocking the phone on Samsung or any other Android smartphone?

    Earlier we've seen turning off the alarm on without unlocking it on iPhone, now let's see how can we do it on android devices.

    As we've used apple watched for iPhone devices, here we'll use android smart watches like Samsung, mi smartwatch, etc.

    Another trick will only work on android smartphones that have a physical Google Assistant button. 

    Our views on turning off iPhone and Android phone alarms without unlocking

    From the above article, we've concluded that there are plenty of ways to unlock your iPhone without unlocking it. We've shared this with you in this post.

    You can use either Siri to turn on and off the alarm or use apple devices like MacBook or apple watch to control your alarm-related activities.

    If you have any concerns or any other solutions for this problem, please share them in the comment section. So others can get more options to fix the issue.

    Reference - For a more detailed guide on turning off alarms on iPhone 

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