How to sign out of PayPal on all devices? - 2023 Guide

How to sign out of PayPal on all devices - 2022 Guide

Is your PayPal account is logged in on multiple devices? Even on untrusted devices or devices that you do not own?

Keeping a PayPal account logged in on multiple devices is not good for the privacy of your PayPal account.

Don't worry, we have a solution to that! After reading this post, you can check, remove, or keep the logged-in devices of your choice.

    How to sign out of PayPal on all devices?

    If you want to sign out of PayPal on all devices, please follow the below steps:

    Logout of PayPal PayPal Business account on all devices 

    1. Open the PayPal website and select Settings(Gear icon) from the Menubar

    2. Now, choose the Security tab

    Security page in PayPal Personal account

    3. Here, you'll find the Auto-login option(if you have not enabled¬†One Touch‚ĄĘ feature, please select get started to enable it)

    4. Select that to manage your logged-in devices and you'll get the entire list of devices that are logged in

    logged in devices of PayPal account

    5. You can choose any of the devices which you don't want to be signed in

    Logout of PayPal Business account on all devices 

    1. Open the PayPal website and select Profile settings from the profile menu

    Stay logged in for faster purchases

    2. Now, choose the Edit option under Stay logged in for faster purchases

    3. There you'll be able to see PayPal logged-in device details and sign out button

    Does this method still work in 2023? The answer is yes! If you've registered with One Touch‚ĄĘ, it still works in 2023 also!

    This guide works for both PayPal Basic and Business accounts. Steps may differ for both accounts.

    If you didn't find that option or want an alternative method, then read the steps carefully!

    1. First change your PayPal account password and add a 2-Factor Authorization to make your PayPal account more secure

    2. Now, try to log in with your account on your device. It's now logged out from other devices also

    3. When you'll try to log in from other accounts it will ask for a password

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    How to Log out of a PayPal account from 3rd party apps or sites?

    If you have logged in to your PayPal account with 3rd party apps or sites like eBay, Facebook, etc. Now, you want to remove the account data from those apps.

    You can do this using PayPal's feature called Permissions. It simply means you have provided your PayPal account permission to those apps or sites to use it for transactions.

    • Open your PayPal personal account and navigate to the Settings page
    • Now, select the¬†Data and Privacy tab
    • Choose the "Permissions you've given" option under the Manage your privacy settings section

    Here, you'll find all the 3rd party apps and site lists and you can manage which data you wanted to keep.

    FIX - Can't log out of PayPal!

    If you're also facing a similar issue you can't log out of your PayPal account. Then you could try this method which we explained in this article. 

    Navigate to Stay logged in for faster purchases/Auto-login option and log out of your account from the devices from a specific device.

    It will get Sign you out from a specific device. Still, if you're not able to log out of your PayPal Personal account, then you can try to contact the PayPal Support team.


    How to check what devices are logged into my PayPal account?

    You'll get information about which devices are logged in to your PayPal account through the Stay logged in for faster purchases option which we checked earlier.

    It will contain all logged-in device information and a log-out button to log out from that specific account.

    How to log out of PayPal on iPhone or Android mobile app?

    You can't log out of PayPal iPhone or Android app. The mobile app doesn't have such an option.

    So, you'll need to follow the steps that are similar to what we've done for laptops and desktops.

    Does PayPal automatically log you out?

    Yes! PayPal automatically logs you out every time when the session gets expired. If you don't want to PayPal automatically log you out, get register your PayPal account with¬†One Touch‚ĄĘ.

    After turning it on, your PayPal account will not get signed out until you'll sign off from that device.

    Can PayPal be logged in on two devices?

    Not only two devices, but you can also keep logged in on more than 2 devices. But, you can't use your PayPal account to log in at the same time.

    How many devices does PayPal keep logged in? What is the exact count? Actually, there are not any specific numbers of devices that can be logged in.

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    From the above article, we've concluded that signing out PayPal account is an easy process.

    But if your account is logged in on someone else's device, you can't log out of your account easily.

    So, we've explained step by steps process of how we can log out PayPal account from a specific device or all devices. Also given the alternative way to log your account out from other devices.

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