How to remove or change SSN from PayPal?

How to remove or change SSN from PayPal?

Social Security Number(SSN) is the tracking number used to track the earnings and other earnings-related details of US Residents(Especially earners in the family).

Can I remove my SSN from PayPal? How do I change or remove my social security number on my PayPal account?

    How to Remove or Change your SSN from PayPal?

    If you are a Seller or own a business, then probably you'll need to add an SSN to your PayPal account. Even though the SSN is a tracking number to track the earnings, PayPal uses SSN to verify your identity.

    If you want to remove or change it from your PayPal account. You'll need to follow the given steps.

    Remove or change the SSN on PayPal

    Due to fraudulent activities and misuse of accounts, PayPal doesn't allow us to change or remove the Social security number from your PayPal account.

    So, the only legal option that remains here is for you to request the PayPal team to remove it from your account.

    You have to contact Paypal customer service over the email or PayPal contact form. If you are using the Email method, type your query and sent it to their Email address.

    If you're using the Contact form method, then log in to the Paypal login.

    Open the contact form and select Business solutions. Now, select the Seller protection option.

    It will be redirected to a new page with a Message box to enter your query. Now type your query Regarding the Removal of your SSN and attach the required documents(If applicable).

    Once they will approve your application then it will get removed from your account.

    Alternative to remove SSN on PayPal

    If you're searching for an alternative to the previous solution. Simply, delete a PayPal account and create a new one with a new email ID, but with your previous Business name.

    This is the only solution if you are not getting any response from PayPal support Team or don't want to use the previous method.

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    How to add Social Security Number to PayPal?

    If your PayPal account is asking for SSN, then Probably you'll add it to PayPal. If you're a US Resident seller, you'll be assigned one SSN to track your earnings. But, how to add an SSN on PayPal?

    While creating the New PayPal Business account, it will ask you to provide your SSN. Provide them SSN and complete the Account setup.


    What does PayPal do with my ssn?

    As we said earlier, SSN Contains the seller's personal information and earning history. PayPal uses this information to verify the business owner's Identity and to protect other users and their ecosystem from Scams and frauds.

    How to create a PayPal business account without ssn?

    You can't. You can not create a PayPal Business account without SSN. Because PayPal needs SSNs to verify the identity of the Business holders.

    Is it safe to enter your SSN on PayPal?

    PayPal is a big company. As a huge one in the money industry, they also keep your personal data safe. 

    PayPal uses SSN ID Verification purposes. They don't use for personal use or sell your data for personal use.

    That is why it is totally safe to enter the SSN on your PayPal account.

    Can you use PayPal without a social security number?

    Yes, we can use PayPal without an SSN, only if you're a Non-US User. For US Users, you must submit your SSN on your PayPal account.

    So, you can't use PayPal without a Social Security Number(SSN).


    If you're a PayPal account holder from the US, you'll need to provide your SSN to PayPal. It is necessary for them to identify you.

    But when it comes to removing the SSN, you can't remove or change it directly. Even sometimes PayPal rejects the request when you submit the SSN Removal request.

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