How to install AndraX on android?

How to install AndraX on android?

You're an Ethical Hacker student or professional and want to use Ethical Hacking tools from your portable devices like mobile devices. You can use AndraX on your Android device.

Can I install AndraX on an android device? Is it possible to do without root? 

Yes, you can install this Linux-based distribution on your android along with tools provided by this distribution.

    What is AndraX used for?

    AndraX is the Penetration Testing framework specially made for professional ethical hackers Security testings on desktops, laptops, android devices, and Raspberry Pi.

    Initially, it was developed for Brazil, and later after 2 years, they released it for everyone. Now, it is an open-source ethical hacking project.

    It is easy to install on any android smartphone which is Rooted and has Superuser permissions.

    So, don't waste time in the introduction, and let's get started with the installation tutorial! for more details on the AndraX platform - AndraX Termux GitHub

    Pre-requisite to install AndraX on Android

    What are the pre-requisites for AndraX and precautions to be taken while installing the AndraX on Android?

    • First, your android device must be Rooted and has Superuser permissions to access root folders
    • AndraX zip file to be downloaded from the Official website - Link to download AndraX
    • Free Internal storage of around 15-20 GB

    How to install AndraX on android?

    After exploring the pre-requisite, we can proceed with the installation process. Please follow the given steps to install AndraX on your device

    1. Download the AndraX zip file from the given link and extract the AndraX zip file 
    2. Now, you will get the AndraX cpt file and apk fileYou don't need to download a separate AndraX apk from anywhere
    3. Install the AndraX apk and you will see 16-20 different apps got installed along with AndraX app on your device
    4. Keep your AndraX cpt file in the download folder and close everything
    5. Now open the AndraX app and GRANT the ROOT Permissions. Again provide the folder and other required permissions
    6. Tap on Ok to proceed with AndraX automatic Install

    Automatic Installation will take around 30 minutes to install the entire AndraX on your android device. High RAM will take less time to install, so install accordingly.

    Once it will get installed, you can start using AndraX by opening the AndraX app.

    How to install AndraX on Termux without root?

    The 3rd app called Termux app is used here to manually install AndraX. But first, we need to download and install the AndraX app on our android device.

    Once the installation will get completed, open the app and select 'Manual Download'.

    It will download the Core OS file on the web browser, rename the file with the name andrax.tar.xz and keep it in internal storage

    Open the Termux app and provide the following commands

      cd /
      cd sdcard
    busybox tar -xvJf andrax.tar.xz -C /data/data/com.thecrackertechnology.andrax/ANDRAX/

    Now after you have entered commands, it will take 20-30 minutes to download the file.

    Wait and once it will get completed, close the andrax app. Then open the Andrax app again to check whether the AndraX OS File is installed or not!

    AndraX tools list - Which tools do you get in the AndraX Android package?

    AndraX tools list has 3000+ tools for AndraX Distribution. When we install AndraX apk, it primarily install 16-20 tools on android smartphone.

    It installs AndraX tools like Social media tools, Different Wifi tools, Networking and Packet creation tools, Phising & Stress testing tools, and 3000+ such tools.

    FAQ - How to install the ADB app manually on android?

    You can't. Because, ADB is android package installation tool developed to use natively in windows systems only. ADB is CMD-based tool and you can't implement the CMD Based mechanism in android system.

    FAQ - How to install AndraX on android without root?

    Unfortunately, you can't install AndraX on android without root. AndraX needs Superuser permissions to access and install it into the root folder of your android OS.

    Our views on Installing AndraX on Android

    From the above article, we have concluded that you can install the Automatic and manually the AndraX on your android device.

    Just make sure that your devices are rooted and have enough space to install the AndraX distribution.

    If you face any issues while installing the AndraX, please let us know. So, we can help you to solve them. Also if you have any suggestions or solutions, don't hesitate to share them with others in the comment section.

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