How to take a gift card off from amazon account?

How to take a gift card off from amazon account?

How to take a gift card off or remove the amazon gift card from the set as default? There are two circumstances - either you are using the Visa/Mastercard debit gift card or using the Amazon gift card.

In this tutorial, we'll see the methods to remove both types of gift cards.

    How to take a gift card off your amazon account?

    If you want to remove the Amazon gift card from your amazon account, you can't do it actually. 

    But, if you want to remove any other Debit gift cards like Visa, MasterCard, or maestro, you can remove them from the Payment method on your Amazon account.

    How to Remove a Visa/Mastercard Debit Gift Card from Amazon

    This kind of Gift card is usually set as default in the Payment method, we just need to remove them or change them with another.

    • Open and log in with the credentials
    • Select the Account option under Your account 
    • Now, choose Your Payments from the list
    • Here, you will find the Debit gift card added under the Credit and Debit cards section.
    • Now, select the Remove option from that Gift card and your Gift will get removed from the Payment method

    How to Remove an Amazon Gift Card from Amazon

    As we said earlier, you can't actually remove the Amazon gift card from your Amazon account. But, you can change the default Payment method to any other medium.

    Save on amazon gift cards - You can also manually unselect the Amazon gift card balance during checkout.

    This trick can be helpful when you don't want to use Amazon gift card funds while purchasing anything and you can use this reserved balance to buy anything in the future.


    If I delete my amazon account will I lose my gift card?

    According to Amazon's Blog, once you'll delete your Amazon account, your all Gift cards will get deleted also. You'll not able to access it again. So, think twice before deleting the Amazon account, if you have an active Gift card.

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    How do I send an amazon gift card to someone else?

    I just put an Amazon gift card on the wrong account, How can I send it to another account or someone else account?

    The simple answer is no, you can't send it to another account easily. But, there is a way by using which you can send this gift card to someone else.

    Draft a mail to the Amazon team and explain your query in brief. Wait for their reply and action. We've seen most of the people have gotten a resolution from the Amazon support team.

    Can I send multiple gift cards to other accounts on amazon? Probably yes, you can. If Amazon customer service will allow you to do this. You can give it try.

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    Final wrap up

    In the end, we've to tell you that you can add and delete the Debit gift cards. Just follow the right steps. For Amazon Gift cards, you can unselect them manually at the time of Checkout.

    Even you can send or unredeem your amazon gift card to another account. Just reach out to the Amazon support team and tell them about your case.

    If you have any concerns or queries regarding the above article and our blog, please let us know through the comment section. So, we can try to give you a much better experience.

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