How to reset PayPal password without phone number?

How to reset PayPal password without phone number

I've forgotten my PayPal password and changed my phone number! How do I recover my PayPal account without email?

Can we change the PayPal password? What we can do for the PayPal account recovery? For all the above questions, we have the solutions to every question.

In this tutorial, we're going to learn different methods for resetting PayPal passwords without phone numbers or email.

    How to reset a PayPal password without a phone number?

    If you are trying to reset the PayPal password, here we've given a detailed tutorial. Keep note that a tutorial is different for PayPal and PayPal Business versions.

    Reset a PayPal password without a phone number on PayPal

    If you are using the normal version of PayPal, then follow the below steps.

    1. To reset your PayPal password on PayPal basic version, log in with your PayPal credentials.
    2. Open the Settings page using the ⚙️Gear icon
    3. Then select Account settings and Select the security
    4. Under the Security tab, you will find the opinion to change the PayPal password
    5. Select update and enter your Current password and New password here

    After that, a confirmation message will pop up that successfully changed the password.

    Change paypal password without Phone number and email

    Reset a PayPal password without a phone number on PayPal Business

    If you're using PayPal for your business or using PayPal's Business version, then follow the below steps to change the password on PayPal Business.

    1. Log in with your PayPal credentials
    2. Hover on the Profile option and select Profile settings
    3. Under the Login and security, you'll find the Password change option here
    4. Select the Change option, then you've entered the current and new addresses there

    After all processes will be completed, then the confirmation message will pop up.

    How to recover a PayPal account without an email or phone number?

    Actually, you can recover the PayPal account password without the Email, by using the Phone number.

    Just like previous to recover the PayPal account password without the Phone number, you have to do it using Email.

    What if you've forgotten your password, and you want to recover the PayPal account password without Both the Email and a Phone number.

    You need to contact the PayPal support team. Then, tell them briefly about your password-related query.

    How do I call or contact PayPal support?

    You don't need to call them, you can contact them through the Contact us option which is in the Footer section of the Payal login page. If you don't know the method, then just follow these steps.

    Open the PayPal Login page and select the Contact us option from the footer

    Now, select Message us under the Other ways to contact us section

    It will ask you to log in. Since we don't have login credentials we can continue with Having trouble logging in? option.

    FIX: Can't reset my PayPal password by email!

    If you're not able to reset your PayPal password by using email then you can choose the Phone number option here.

    PayPal provides a Password reset option with an Email and Phone number. Follow this steps

    recover paypal password with phone number

    • Open the PayPal login page and select Forgot password?
    • Put your PayPal email address and proceed with it
    • Now, try to recover the password with email, if not working then select Receive an SMS
    • Then, you'll get OTP SMS on your Phone, and just enter that OTP on your PayPal password to recover

    After that, you can reset your PayPal password by email.

    FIX: PayPal password reset not working!

    If you've tried the PayPal password reset and is not working or not able to reset your password, you can try this.

    You can try the Contact us method which we've explained previously. You can contact PayPal support by Messaging them, calling them, or asking your question to experts in the PayPal community.

    Final verdict

    From the above post, we have concluded that you can change your PayPal account password directly from settings. But, you can also reset it without using phone number.

    If you find any difficulties while resetting the forgotten password then you can contact us through the comment section. So, we can try to help you out.

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