How to make someone unfollow you on Instagram?

How to make someone unfollow you on Instagram?

Do you want to get rid of someone who stocks you on Instagram? You can make them unfollow you even without letting them know!

Hey, wait! But, there's one condition. You can't make unfollow or remove any followers if your account isn't Private.

So, keep that thing in mind while removing that person. If your account is Private, then we are good to go towards the tutorial.

    How to make someone unfollow you on Instagram?

    If your account is not Private, first make it private. Then, we'll see the next step.

    To make your Instagram account private, follow the below steps.

    Private account on Instagram

    • Open the Instagram app or website
    • Navigate to Privacy and security under Settings
    • Here, you'll find the Private account flag, check it

    Once successfully convert your account from Public to Private, we'll see the next steps.

    Remove or Make someone unfollow you on Instagram

    1. Open the Instagram app or website
    2. Then select the Followers section and choose the follower you want to make unfollow you.
    3. Select 3 dots in front of Follower from the follower list.
    4. Select Remove. That it. You've successfully unfollowed yourself from someone's account.

    This is the way you can make someone unfollow you on Instagram, even without blocking or knowing them.

    How to know when did someone unfollow me on Instagram?

    There are so many people on Instagram who will follow you first, then they will unfollow you once you follow them.

    So, to keep the track of your followers, you'll need to use some 3rd party tools. Because Instagram doesn't have such a feature as of now.

    Here for this tutorial, we are suggesting the app called Followers & Unfollowers. iOS People can download this app - Reports: Followers Tracker.

    Followers & Unfollowers

    • Open the app and log in with your Instagram account
    • From the Hamberger menu, select the Recent unfollowers option
    • Here you can see the unfollowers' list and you can easily unfollow them using unfollow button

    Is there a way to unfollow everyone at once on Instagram?

    For some reason, you want to unfollow everyone from your Instagram account. You'll need to unfollow them manually!

    But what if you have more than 500 followers, it will take time to unfollow each of them.

    If you want to do it in a single clickYou can't do it directly on Instagram. But, we've one solution for that also.

    There is one app that is developed especially to unfollow others on Instagram. 

    Keep in mind that it is only available for Android users. We haven't found any app which can do this on iOS.

    Unfollow Easy

    • Download and install the app from the Google Play store - Unfollow Easy or Followers & Unfollowers. Both work pretty fine!
    • Open the app and log in with Instagram credentials
    • There will be a button to Unfollow 10 Followers. Select it.

    Note: we suggest not unfollowing all the followers at a time, it may make your account suspicious and Instagram may disable your account for Robotic activity.

    How do I make someone unfollow on other social media?

    Just like Instagram, you can remove your followers on other social media like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

    Make someone unfollow you on TikTok

    Steps to remove the followers on TikTok are similar to Instagram.

    1. Open your TikTok account and head toward your TikTok profile
    2. Select Followers and choose the follower you want to unfollow you
    3. Select Remove the follower option and then tap on Remove

    You've successfully made someone unfollow you on Tiktok.

    Make someone unfollow you on Twitter

    You can't really make someone unfollow you on Twitter, because Twitter doesn't have such an option. But still, you want to do that. You can block them which will remove them from your follower list.

    1. Open Twitter and select the follower list
    2. Now, choose the follower who you want to remove from your account
    3. His account will get open and you need to select the 3 dots option

    Then select the block option to block him/her and she/she will get removed from your follower list.

    Make someone unfollow you on Facebook

    People often get confused with friends and followers on Facebook. Keep in mind that friends and followers are 2 different things on Facebook.

    You can remove any friend from your list easily. But, how can we remove followers from the Facebook follower list?

    To remove anyone from your follower list, refer to the below steps

    1. Open your Facebook profile and select Followers
    2. Now, select the follower that you want to remove from your account
    3. First Block him and then unblock him. Check your Followers list

    Blocking and unblocking anyone from your follower list will remove them from your account.

    Can we make someone unfollow me on Instagram, but still follow them?

    Yes, you can make someone unfollow you on Insta and you will still follow them. Just, follow the steps which we've explained previously in this article.

    If someone unfollowed you on Instagram do you automatically unfollow them?

    No, you can't unfollow them automatically. But, you can get to know that who have unfollowed you recently and you can unfollow them manually. 

    Refer to the previous paragraph where we have explained - How to know when did someone unfollow me on Instagram?


    From the above article, we've concluded that there are some techniques to make unfollow yourself from your account on Instagram, know who unfollowed you recently, and non-followers. 

    Actually, we can't do the above activities using Instagram only. We need to install some 3rd party apps to track the followers and unfollowers.

    If you have any issues regarding the tutorial, you can ask your question through the comment section. We will definitely reach out to you.

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