How to change name on PayPal(Personal & Business)?

How to change name on PayPal?

While creating a PayPal account, you've given the wrong name by mistake or for any reason, and now you want to change your name.

You may face problems if your documents and given names on PayPal do not match each other.

You can correct your name on PayPal with the easy steps explained in this tutorial. So, let's get started with it.

    How to change the name on PayPal?

    For any reason you want to change your PayPal name, please follow the given steps carefully.

    Change name on PayPal Personal account

    1. Log in to your PayPal
    2. Navigate to the Settings section of Paypal or choose the Gear option
    3. Now, You'll be able to see your profile
    4. In the profile, you'll find Change name
    5. Then, select the correct reason according to your choice and proceed
    6. Now, provide the ID Proof documents which have your Photo within the document
    7. At last, enter the changes that you wanted to do to your name

    and you have successfully changed your name on PayPal.

    Change name on PayPal business account

    As the Paypal business version has more settings, the method to change the name on PayPal Business is a bit different.

    1. Open the PayPal website

    2. Select the Profile settings option from the profile

    3. Then, select Personal information under YOUR PROFILE

    4. Here, you'll see the Name and change option to update the name

    5. After that, you'll need to provide the reason

    • You've legally changed your name
    • Your name is incorrect
    • Your contact name has changed
    • Your business name has changed

    6. Enter the new name and press update to proceed

    Change name on PayPal without documents

    We've learned how to change the name on PayPal, but how can we do this without Documents?

    No, you can't change your PayPal name without a real ID Proof document. PayPal will not be going to allow you to change your name PayPal without documents.

    But if you're using PayPal Business, you can change your name without any documents. Just upgrade your PayPal to PayPal Business and change your name without documents.

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    How to change the PayPal link?

    According to a Business insider report, You can't change your PayPal.Me link it once it's created.

    You'll need to use the given which is generated initially while creating an account.

    How to hide your name on PayPal?

    You can Hide your name but on PayPal's Business account only. If you're using PayPal's basic version then upgrade it to the Business version.

    While doing the initial setup, you'll need to perform some steps. Provide the Business name or Pen Name which will hide your original name. Customers will only see your business name, not your actual name.

    How to change the name on a PayPal app?

    You can't change the name on the PayPal Mobile app, neither on Android nor on iOS.

    If you don't have a Computer, PC, or Laptop, Alternatively you can log in to on the mobile Web browser and perform the process which we've given previously.

    How to change PayPal @?

    Can I change my Username(which starts with @) on Paypal? The answer is No. A username is a kind of unique identification name used to differentiate your account from others.

    PayPal doesn't allow us to change the Username to any extent, once we have created it.

    How long PayPal will take to change the name?

    If you're using the PayPal Business, your name will get changed immediately. But, if you're a normal PayPal user, a name change may take 2 hours to 1 week. 

    During this period, PayPal checks your submitted documents and verifies your Name with the given documents.

    Why can't I change my PayPal name?

    There could be multiple reasons for not being able to change the name on PayPal. You may not know the correct method to change the Name on PayPal. So, we've created this guide for such people.

    Maybe you have provided your name and the name in the Documents isn't matching. This is the potential reason you can't change PayPal's name.

    If you're facing this kind of issue, you can upgrade to PayPal Business. Definitely, it will help you and you can able to change the Name.

    Our opinion on the above article

    From the article, we think that you can change it from the settings. But, to change the name without any documents, you'll need to upgrade your Paypal to the Business version.

    On Paypal, you can't change your Payapl Link and Username once created. They are unique identities of your account.

    If you face any difficulty during the tutorial, you can comment down. So, we can share our opinion on that to solve the exact issue.