How to connect OpenSea to Coinbase?

How to connect OpenSea to Coinbase

Can I link Coinbase to OpenSea? How do I connect my OpenSea wallet? You can't connect Coinbase with OpenSea.

But, OpenSea allows us to connect the Coinbase wallet or any other wallet to OpenSea. This guide is all about how to connect OpenSea to Coinbase or other wallets?

    How to connect OpenSea to Coinbase?

    Both Desktop and Mobile devices have the same steps to connect the OpenSea to the Coinbase wallet. But the only difference is the UI on Desktop and Mobile. 

    We've explained the steps for both devices. To connect the OpenSea with Coinbase, we'll need to follow the below steps.

    connect OpenSea to Coinbase wallet

    Connect the Coinbase wallet to opensea on the Desktop

    • Open the OpenSea website on a Desktop web browser
    • Select the Profile option under the Account menu
    • Now, choose Coinbase wallet from the Wallets list
    • Either you can connect with the Coinbase wallet extension or with the Mobile app
    • If it's a Coinbase wallet extension, then the Coinbase wallet extension app will pop up and you'll need to select connect option
    • If you have the Coinbase wallet mobile app, then you can continue by scanning the QR Code

    Connect the Coinbase wallet to opensea on Mobile

    • Open the OpenSea website on a Mobile web browser
    • Select the hamburger menu and then choose Connect wallet button
    • Now, tap the Coinbase wallet option from the wallets list
    • It will prompt the message to open the Coinbase wallet app installed on the mobile
    • After that, the OpenSea website will open inside the Coinbase wallet app
    • Select the hamburger menu again to check that the Coinbase wallet app is connected with OpenSea

    Connect Metamask, Trust Wallet, and other wallets to OpenSea

    To connect the other wallets with OpenSea, you'll need to follow the same steps. But, while selecting the Wallet, choose Metamask, Trust wallet, or whatever wallet you wanted to connect with OpenSea.

    After that, you can connect your Coinbase wallet with Coinbase to transfer the cryptos.

    If you are looking for a guide to connect the Coinbase wallet with Coinbase, follow this - How to connect the Coinbase wallet to the Coinbase?

    How to add OpenSea NFT to Coinbase wallet?

    You can buy and add NFTs to Coinbase or any other wallet once you successfully connected that wallet with OpenSea. So, first, connect the OpenSea with Coinbase wallet as shown previously.

    • Now, open the OpenSea dashboard and select Explore button.
    • Choose any one NFT from the Collection
    • Once the NFT will get open, select Buy now button to add it to your wallet
    • It will display the ETH Price for that specific NFT
    • Add funds to your Coinbase wallet. So, you'll not be going to face any issues while purchasing NFTs

    To verify the Purchased NFTs from OpenSea are added to the Coinbase wallet, select the NFT tab on the Coinbase wallet.

    How to connect Metamask to Coinbase?

    Coinbase is not a private wallet like Metamask, so you can't connect it with anything. Instead, you can trade the Cryptos from Coinbase to Metamask.

    Here, we've shared some steps on how can we send purchased cryptos from Coinbase to the Metamask wallet.

    1. It is pretty straightforward, select Send/Receive option on Coinbase,     and Send crypto widget will get visible

    2. Under Send tab, paste the Address copied from Metamask App/Web Extension

    3. Hit send button to send the selected Crypto to Metamask

    Metamask vs Coinbase wallet: Which one is best for OpenSea?

    Some people are not much aware of the Metamask and its features, while in another hand, Coinabse is a widely used wallet by crypto holders.

    In our opinion, Metamask and Coinabse wallets both are the best wallets in the market right now. But, you can go for the Coinbase wallet, because of its security and popularity.

    FIX: OpenSea not connecting to the Coinbase wallet!

    Some people face the issue while connecting the OpenSea with the Coinabse wallet. OpenSea not connecting to the Coinbase wallet!

    You can fix this just by verifying the following things:

    1. Both OpenSea and Coinbase are supported in your country
    2. Make sure you're using the right method which we've explained
    3. If using a desktop, you've installed the coinbase wallet extension
    4. If using mobile, you've installed the coinbase wallet app


    From the above tutorial, we came to the conclusion that Opensea supports a wide variety of Wallets like Coinbase, Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.

    So, you can connect them with Opensea with ease. Just follow the step-by-step process given in the guide.

    If you've any concerns regarding the guide, your Coinbase wallet is not connecting with OpenSea, or facing any problems, just put your comments.

    So others can get to know about different issues that can happen, and how can we overcome the issue.

    Also, if you've any suggestions to improve your Reading experience, please let us know!

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