How to activate and register a target visa debit gift card?

How to activate and register a target visa debit gift card

Target visa gift cards are one of the most popular and most-selling Gift cards in the Gift card market.

It is a reloadable Debit gift card, which means once you buy the gift card, then you can add money to it and use it anywhere.

But, most people don't know how to activate or register it for future use. 

In this article, we're going to see how can we activate and register the target visa gift card.

    How to activate a target visa gift card?

    Target Visa gift card comes activated out of the package, so you can start using it right away. But, the real problem comes in when you use it online or at any Gas station.

    To solve this issue you will need to Register your Gift card PIN Code online.

    Register a target visa gift card

    To register a target visa gift card, follow the below steps.

    • Open Gift card registration website
    • Enter 16-digit card number, Expiry date to login
    • Once it will open the Gift card dashboard page, you've to scroll down till you find the Assign a ZIP code section
    • Here you can add or change the ZIP Code

    another way to activate and register your gift card is by using the phone call verification method. For that, you'll need a target visa gift card activation number.

    You can get it from the backside of the Target Visa Gift card or 1-800-698-4952 dial this number. Call this toll-free number and follow the instructions given by the system.

    How to use a target visa gift card online?

    Before using the Target visa gift card online, check that you have registered and activated it to use online. 

    It is a mandatory process to use target or any gift card online. Because when we purchase anything online, the payment method asks for billing address and ZIP Codes. 

    Once you registered the Target vias gift card, you are ready to use it online without any problem. You'll not face any issues while performing transactions. Use it like a normal Debit or Credit card on eCommerce or shopping websites.

    How to check the target visa gift card balance?

    Checking the target or any visa debit gift card balance is easy. Just follow the below steps

    Once the dashboard will populate, the Available target visa gift card balance will be visible there. You can check the balance of any Target gift card other than visa like Mastercard and Prepaid Gift Card.

    Why is my Target Visa gift card not working?

    Target Visa Debit Gift card is not working? There could be multiple reasons like your gift card is not Activated and registered, not being used on a proper website, Using an Expired or empty gift card, etc.

    First, check whether your card is Activated and registered or not. If not activated, register it through the respective activation website. For more details, refer to the method we've shared in this article.

    If you're not using a Gift card on the correct website, then that website may not accept it. That simply means using Target visa gift cards only on those websites which support Debit gift cards.

    You've verified all other details. Now, check the expiry date of the Gift card also. Just like expired Debit cards, expired Debit cards also will not be going to work online.


    From the above article, we have concluded that you can Activate a target visa gift card in two different ways - By online and Phone call method.

    We've tested both of the methods and both work fine! But, we prefer the Online method which is more convenient than the Phone call method.

    Also, we've covered How you can check the Target or any other Debit gift card balance online, How can we use it online, troubleshooting - Target Visa gift card not working, etc.

    If you find any difficulties while performing any method, please let us know through the comment section. So, we can help you to fix your issues as soon as possible.

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