How to Rate movies on Amazon prime in 2023?

How to Rate movies on Amazon prime in 2022

Amazon Prime is one of the Popular Streaming platforms in the video world and they operate it almost all over the worldThey have a large collection of movies for different regions and languages.

In this article, we've explained what is Amazon prime video Rating system, How it works, and how can you Rate any movie on Amazon prime app, TV, FireStick, gaming consoles, & many more.

    How to rate movies on Amazon prime in 2023?

    Still, some people want to give ratings to the movie on Amazon Prime. 

    Amazon prime video star rating system

    How does the Amazon prime video star rating system work? how we can add ratings to Amazon prime video.

    Amazon prime video ratings are calculated by using the overall given Star ratings and the percentage of given stars.

    Their Rating algorithm uses some complex calculations. They also analyze the Comments added in the review. You can leave a review only if you've watched that movie.

    1. Navigate to the Amazon Prime Movies section and open the movie which you want to rate.

    2. Now, select the rating option link.

    Write a customer review

    3. Here, you'll find the Write a Customer review section. Select it.

    4. Provide Stars according to your choice(1, 2, 3, or 5) and add your comments & opinions on the movie.

    After that, your movie review will get submitted in the reviews section. This is how you can rate any movie on Amazon prime video app on Tablets & Mobiles. But, what about TV and others? we'll see them one by one.

    I] Rate movies on Amazon Prime on Android Smart TV, FireStick & Roku TV

    • Sign in to the Amazon Prime Video app using the Web browser method on Smart TV
    • Now, You will have access through Mobile, and you can give ratings through mobile also.
    • Or Simply open a movie on Amazon Prime on Smart TV
    • Check the Review option inside the movie.  

    Amazon Prime Video app on Android Smart TV is completely different from FireStick TV.

    That's why you can't get the option to review the Movie. But, you can rate your movie using Video History.

    Watch any movie that you want to rate on Android Smart TV, Roku TV, or Amazon FireStick and follow this path: Amazon Prime video profile > Account & settings > Watch history.

    Rate movie amazon prime - Watch history

    From here you can check the movies that you've watched on FireStick or Smart TV. Now you can Rate them here easily.

    II] Rate movies on Amazon Prime on PS4

    Most people don't know that Amazon Prime also works on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation also. You can enjoy your favorite movie after your game session on the same machine.

    Some people find it difficult to handle Streaming apps and their features on Gaming consoles.

    The method is pretty straightforward, just navigate to Amazon Prime video on your favorite gaming console. 

    Open any movie and select the Rate this or Review option to Rate Movies and TV Serials on Amazon Prime gaming console apps. Or else you have another Watched history method which we've explained earlier.

    How to rate movies by using the IMDB Website?

    Like Amazon prime video's ratings and review system, you can also rate movies by using IMDB. You can see that IMDB ratings are visible in every movie description.

    If you want to rate the movie using the IMDB rating system, then follow the below steps:

    • Open the IMDB Official website and sign in with your Amazon Prime Video account.
    • Search and select any movie which you want to rate.
    • Now, Choose the Rate this option.

    How to find added Movie or TV Show Review on Amazon Prime Video?

    Once you rated a specific movie, sometimes you can't find your own Review Comments on Amazon Prime Video.

    Amazon provides some filtration and search option, so you can find out your Added Review comments.

    1. Open Movie on Amazon Prime Video and then select the Reviews option under the movie description.
    2. Now, scroll down till you find the 'See all reviews >' option.
    3. Amazon customer review page will get visible.
    4. Under that review page, you can see the Filters and Search options.
    5. You can Either set the filter to find your comment or directly search you the review comment that you added while rating the movie.

    How to Watch Movies on Amazon Prime?

    This is a beginner's guide question. So, ignore it if you already know that. 

    To play any video on Amazon Prime, you'll need a Prime subscription. According to Amazon Prime's subscription fees card, the plans are as follows 

    • $14.99/Month
    • $139/Year
    • Prime Video membership is $8.99/Month

    The price for students is

    • $7.49/Month
    • $69/Year

    Purchase the plans and get started with Amazon prime content. Then, select any movie and start streaming. 

    You can rate this through the Reviews option under the Movie description. Also if you are watching it on the app or website, then you can also have control over Streaming quality.

    How to change the Video quality of Movies on Amazon Prime on Smart TV?

    Amazon Prime supports Video quality from Low 144P to Full HD 1080P. You can change it according to your Internet connection speed. 

    Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Smart TV App lacks this feature. Amazon Prime smart TV app chooses Video quality automatically. You can't change them manually.

    But there are some tricks that we gonna use in this tutorial.

    Try to install the app from here Make sure that you're connected to wifi connection that has Active internet.

    1. Open the Amazon Prime android app and select the Cast option.

    2. Now, the app will start casting the screen on Smart TV. Select Data Usage according to your need.

    • Data Saver(0.70 GB/hr) = 480P
    • Balanced(1.80 GB/hr) = 720P
    • Unlimited = 1080P

    3. We'll suggest using Unlimited for Better Quality. 

    This is the only way by using which you can change the Video quality on Smart TV.

    Why can't I rate movies on the Amazon prime app?

    Everyone who has access to Amazon Prime video can rate any movie. Still, if you're not able to give ratings, then you can check the below things before reviewing.

    I. Use Amazon prime website - Main mistake people does is they try to search the Rate or review features in the Mobile or Tablet apps. 

    Those features are not available in Apps. You will need to access your Amazon Prime account through a website to Rate the Movie.

    II. Video must be watched before rating - First of all, Ensure that you have watched the movie before giving the ratings to the Movie.

    III. Check your country - Check feature availability in your country location before rating the movie, because the review option could be disabled for that specific location.

    IV. Follow the right path to the Review option - Make sure that you're following the right path to review the movie on Amazon Prime Video.


    Our conclusion on the rate of movies on Amazon Prime Video is whether you have a mobile app or a TV app. Whether it is a FireStick or any other streaming medium. The procedure is similar for almost all.

    Select the Review option from the specific movie. Just make sure that you have watched the movie before rating & reviewing it.

    If you have any queries regarding the Rating system, Rating the Prime Movies, or changing the Video quality. Comment it down below.

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