How to Block & Unblock someone on PayPal in 2022?

How to Block & Unblock someone on PayPal in 2022?

Using PayPal saves the effort and time while paying for goods from Clients & Customers. Also, PayPal is the most secure payment platform when we are receiving payments from Unknown people.

While making transactions with Clients, you can experience some unwanted behavior from them.

So, we can restrict or block them by using a simple method which we're going to explain here. let's get started with it.

    How to Block & Unblock Someone on PayPal?

    Actually, PayPal doesn't allow us to block someone directly on PayPal, but, we can do some alternative methods to Block them.

    To Block someone, we need to 

    • Delete their contact from our PayPal
    • Block the Payment coming from their end

    Steps to Block or Unblock Someone on PayPal are as follows.

    Block someone on PayPal

    Block contacts on paypal

    1. Log in to PayPal using your account
    2. Select Pay & Get paid Menu option
    3. Choose Money under the Payment method section
    4. Here you'll find Send or request a payment. Select it
    5. Now you'll see different Contacts on Send payments to anyone page
    6. Now select Manage contacts and the Contact list will pop up
    7. Choose any one Contact and Select Block this contact option(As shown in the screenshot)

    Unblock someone on PayPal

    Blocking and Unblocking both have the same path to reach that specific option. Or you can follow this shortcut path to reach directly to the Contact list.

    1. Select the Request Payments under Menu bar option Pay & Get paid.
    2. Now, you'll get to see a horizontal list of available PayPal Contacts
    3. Select the Manage contacts option at the bottom of the Contacts list
    4. Again at the bottom of the list, you'll find View Blocked Contacts
    5. From here you can Unblock them

    This is the latest 2022 technique to Block and unblock any contact from your contact list.

    How to delete contacts on PayPal?

    If you're not able to Block or facing issues while blocking, you can delete them so you will not get any unwanted payment requests from them until you accept them.

    To delete the contacts on Paypal consists of the following steps:

    1. Open Invoicing section and select the Setting(Gear) option
    2. Then choose Customers from the list
    3. Select the respective Customer which you want to delete
    4. Tap the Delete contact button

    Keep note that once you delete any contact from PayPal, you can't restore it in PayPal contacts.

    How to block someone on the PayPal app?

    The PayPal website and Mobile app, both have the same steps to execute for Blocking contacts on the PayPal platform. In this article, we've given steps for the Website.

    But, don't worry Mobile app also has similar steps. Just try to find the correct name of the option while following the path.

    How to block someone from requesting money on PayPal?

    Can I block someone from requesting money on Paypal? Yes, you can. Just like blocking contacts on PayPal, you can block someone from requesting money by following the below steps.

    Log in to your PayPal the app or website. 

    Then, navigate to Settings using the Gear button.

    Under settings, Select Selling Tools

    Head towards the Getting Paid and Managing My Risks page and then select the Update option. 

    After that select the Block Payments button.

    What happens when you block someone on Paypal?

    When we Block someone on Paypal, the Blocked contact will not be able to send money to your account. Along with that, they can't also contact you through PayPal.

    When we block someone, then the blocked person will not be able to request money or send money requests. That person will get completely restricted to do any transaction with you.

    Conclusion - How to Block and Unblock Someone on PayPal

    From the above article, we've concluded that  You can Block and unblock any person from your Contacts list. If you are not able to block them, you can delete them permanently.

    Still not able to delete or if you don't want to delete contacts, Block the receiving Payment from them. We hope that the given tutorial will help you to Block and unblock someone from your Contact list.

    If you're having any questions regarding Restricting someone from requesting payment or sending payment. Please contact us through the comment section given below.

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