How to check ROBLOX gift card balance without redeeming?

How to check ROBLOX gift card balance without redeeming

I've got a ROBLOX Gift card. But, I know How to use it? How to redeem it! But, the concern is how do I check my Roblox gift card balance without redeeming it?

Is there any Roblox gift card balance checker that will check the balance without actually redeeming it?

In this tutorial, we'll be checking a ROBLOX Gift card balance even without redeeming it!

    How to check the ROBLOX gift card balance without redeeming it?

    You don't need to use any Roblox gift card balance checker tool or app. You can check your balance from the nearest ROBLOX Gift card store.

    • Locate the nearest ROBLOX store¬†on the map and visit the store.
    • Give your ROBLOX Gift card to the Store owner/Executive for checking the Balance.
    • They will check the balance from the ROBLOX database system.

    They will not redeem your ROBLOX Gift card and you'll get to know about your Gift card's available balance without even redeeming it.

    How to convert ROBLOX credit or gift card balance to Robux?

    Roblox Credits in gift cards can be used to buy Robux in Roblox online store. Most people know the process. But if you are not aware of this, Don't worry. Just follow the below steps.

    1. Open the ROBLOX website on a Desktop or Mobile device(iOS or Android)
    2. Navigate to the Gift cards section and here you can Buy your ROBLOX Gift card also
    3. Now, select Redeem card option and you will land on the Roblox gift card redemption page
    4. Enter the Redeem code from the Gift card's backside
    5. Once you successfully redeemed the gift card code, you will receive money in your ROBLOX Account
    6. Select Settings and then choose the Billing tab
    7. Under the Roblox credit - Current Balance, you will find the Convert to Robux button. Select it

    This is how you can convert your ROBLOX Gift card into Robux money. If you want to redeem your remaining balance like $1, $2, or even less $0.20, $0.50, you can convert it into Robux without any problem or warning.

    FIX: Roblox gift card balance not showing?

    Due to technical glitches, the Roblox gift card is not showing the balance and you are not able to check your balance.

    You can contact Roblox gift card support and tell them about your issue. They will definitely solve your issues.

    You always do not need to rely on the computerized balance-checking system. You can check them manually just by visiting your nearest ROBLOX store. 

    They will check your ROBLOX Gift card balance without even redeeming it.


    Is there another way to redeem a Roblox gift card?

    If you're still not able to check your balance and redeem it for ROBLOX Money, then you can redeem it other ways like by visiting the ROBLOX store.

    Give your device to the ROBLOX Store Executive and tell them about your to redeem a ROBLOX Gift card.

    Do Roblox gift cards expire if not redeemed?

    ROBLOX Gift card does not expire. It has lifetime validity. You can use them anytime. But, there are some criteria like it doesn't work in all countries. 

    It is specific to a few countries like the US, UK, Canada, and others. You can get the detailed list from ROBLOX's official website.

    How much Robux can you get with $25, $50, $75 & $100?

    You can purchase Roblox gift cards from some retailers and online stores. The amount of Robux available on the gift card is starting from $10 to $100.

    For $2, you get 165-170 ROBLOX. By using this logic, a $25 gift card will give your 2000 Robux. A $50 gift card will become 4000 Robux, a $75 Gift card will redeem into 6000 and a $100 Gift card will become 8000 Robux.

    We have given you an idea about the Conversion of the ROBLOX Gift card into Robux. So, you can calculate by yourself also.

    Final lines

    This tutorial is all about how can you check your ROBLOX Gift card without Redeeming it. Actually, you can't check the Balance of the ROBLOX Gift card until you redeem it.

    Also, we have given a detailed explanation of how to redeem and use a Roblox gift card on ROBLOX Online.

    If you have any concerns about the above article, you can comment down your queries in the comment section.