How to buy & Sell Altura(ALU) on Pancakeswap and other platforms?

How to buy & Sell Altura(ALU) on Pancakeswap and other platforms?

Wanna buy or sell Altura(ALU) on Pancakeswap or other platforms? Don't know how can get your first ALU NFT Token. Then, this guide will be going for you.

First, make sure that You can't directly buy Altura(ALU) Token on Pancakeswap because it is a Swapping platform.

    How to buy Altura on pancakeswap?

    For buying Altura, you can use Coinmarketcap or any major Crypto website. But, we'll recommend you to use CoinMarketCap.

    Make sure that you have added Binance Smart Chain to the Meta mask. If not, then follow these steps

    1. Open the MetaMask Wallet extension on the desktop(You can use the Mobile app also, but this tutorial is for Desktop) and Ethereum Mainnet at the top right

    2. Select Add network

    Binance smart chain network add

    3. Put the data as shown in the screenshot

    4. Save the Configurations in the Metamask wallet and you've successfully added the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet in Metamask.

    First of all, check whether the Altura is available for Pancakeswap or not?

    1. Open the CoinMarketCap website and search for Altura token or simply select this link - Coinmarketcap(Altura)

    2. Open the Altura website and select the Buy ALU option.

    3. Or you can use the Pancakeswap approach also, for that, Scroll down till you find the Pancakeswap and select it.

    Altura on Coinmarketcap

    4. Pancakeswap website will be visible.

    Altura on pancakeswap

    5. Now, Select Altura(ALU) in the swap to option and enter the amount in Swap from option.

    6. Click on connect the wallet to connect your wallet with the Metamask wallet.

    7. Adjust the Slippage according to choice and hit the Swap button.

    After that, Altura will be added to your Pancakeswap wallet. You can check it from Recent transactions.

    How to Buy or Sell Altura on other platforms?

    We've seen Buying Altura on PancakeSwap using MetaMask. Now, learn how we can Buy or Sell Altura on other platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Trust wallet, etc.

    Buy Altura on Binance & Coinbase

    • Login to the Binance/Coinbase account on their website and Buy BNB Token.
    • Head towards the Withdraw Crypto section and put the Metamask address, so you can withdraw it to your Metamask wallet.
    • Connect your wallet with Pancakeswap
    • Now, Add BNB in Swap from section and Altura in Swap to section.
    • Swap the Token and you'll have Altura in your Wallet.

    Buy and Sell Altura on trust wallet

    The method is similar to the previous one, just you'll need to use Trust wallet instead of Metamask wallet. The rest of the method is exactly the same.

    For selling the Altura, reverse the process. Swap Altura for BNB or Ethereum Tokens. Then you can exchange those BNB or Ethereum for USD, EUR, or any other currencies.

    Can you buy Altura on kucoin?

    Kucoin supports a large variety of Cryptos & NFT tokens, but currently, you can't Buy or Sell Altura(ALU) NFT on Kucoin.

    Maybe in the future, they will add support to swapping apps like Pancakeswap.

    How to buy Altura without Binance?

    If you want to buy Altura without Binance Token, then you'll need to have its alternative Token like Ethereum on Pancakswap.

    Connect Pancakeswap with Metamask wallet. Then, add the Ethereum Token on Metamask from Coinbase or CoinMarketCap, or any other platform of your choice.

    Now, open Pnacakeswap and select Ethereum as Swap from and Altura as Swap to. After that, tap the Swap button.

    Wrap up on Purchasing ALU Token on Pancakeswap

    From this article, we concluded that you can buy Altura Token from Pancakeswap using Metamask as shown in this post.

    Connect your Metamask wallet with Pancakeswap, Import the Token from a specific crypto website, and swap them in Panckeswap.

    For selling ALU, the process is kind of similar. Just swap the ALU Token for Ethereum or Binance Token which will be deposited into your Wallets like Metamask or Trust wallet.

    If you face any issues while buying and selling ALU Tokens, comment down your queries. We'll try to help you out.

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