How to send Starbucks gift card via Text Message?(Android/iOS)

How to send Starbucks gift card via Text Message?(Android/iOS)

If you have a newly purchased Starbucks Gift card and want to send it to your friend, family, or loved ones.

How to send a Starbucks gift card via text message? You can transfer your Starbucks Gift card over a Text message on iOS and Android devices. Also without apple pay or any email.

You can do it right now by using iPhone's inbuilt messaging feature. This method works perfectly for Starbucks e-gift cards also. So, get started with the article.

    How to send a Starbucks gift card via text?

    There are so many techniques to send or transfer your Starbucks gift card to your family member or friend. 

    You can achieve it through Email and Text Messages. Here I'm explaining both ways.

    Send a Starbucks gift card via text on iOS

    Sending a Starbucks gift card to your friend/family member over a Text message, is actually you're sending that gift card to their phone number.

    1. First, download & open the Starbucks app or Website.
    2. Now, open the iMessage app.
    3. Start a new conversation or you can send a gift card to the existing chat.
    4. Then, select the App Store icon present just after the Text message box.
    5. Now select the Starbucks gifts app icon from the app bar. Make sure that you've installed the Starbucks app(gifts app).
    6. Choose the Gift card look and feel as you want. Select the amount (Currently they offer $5, $10, or $25 gift cards) and proceed to purchase.
    7. Finally, it's time to send our Gift card. After you send a gift card, it will generate the link of the Gift card with the Gift card picture.

    The receiver will be able to open the link and able to access the Gift card, irrespective of the Platform. 

    That means users can access the link on iOS as well as Android devices and any other smartphone.

    Send Starbucks gift card via text on android

    You can receive and use a Sent Starbucks gift card from iPhone users. Sending the Starbucks gift card via text message on android is still tricky. 

    There are some techniques by using which you can achieve that. You will need to install iMessage alternative app like weMessage or BlueBubble. 

    For the BlueBubble installation guide, refer to this link. For the weMessage Installation guide, refer to this link.

    These apps have the capability to access installed apps through the App drawer. So, still you can use the iMessage feature on your android device.

    If you find it difficult, then you can send your Starbucks gift card over Email and then simply copy and paste the Gift card link to the default messaging app.

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    How to send Starbucks gift card via email?

    In the previous method, you've seen how we can send Starbucks gift cards by using the Text message app. 

    But, if you want to transfer your gift card through email, you can do this as well. Just follow the below steps carefully.

    1. Open the Starbucks app and select the Gift tab.
    2. Select option Got a gift card! add it here
    3. Now enter your Gift card details
    4. Pick your gift card design
    5. Enter the message and amount you want to send
    6. Now put the Email address, where you want to send the gift card

    This way you can load and send E-Gift card to a specific Email address using the Starbucks app.

    How to check a Starbucks gift card balance?

    You can check your Starbucks gift card balance through the Starbucks website.

    1. First log in to your Starbucks account and head towards the profile section.
    2. Now scroll down till you find the Check balance option.
    3. Enter your Gift card number and Security code which you'll find under the backside of the Gift card.
    4. Once you put in and submit all details, it will refresh the screen and there you can see your Starbucks gift card balance!

    By using this way you can check Starbucks' Physical or E-Gift card balance within a fraction of a minute.

    How to transfer a Starbucks gift card to another account?

    You can transfer your Starbucks gift cards to another account using iMessage or directly through Email. Both methods are explained here in this article. Choose the method according to your need.

    [Fix] - Starbucks text gift card not working?

    If you're facing a Starbucks text gift card not working a kind issue. Maybe you have did the following mistakes that you should not do while sending.

    1. Starbucks Gifts app not installed on the device - Check that you've installed the Starbucks mobile app or Gifts app on your Phone.

    2. Using an older version of iOS - If you're using an older version of iOS, you may face issues while sending the Gift card because of the lack of features in the older versions.

    3. Using Android devices - It's because android devices may not open the Gift card link. So, Try to open it on iOS devices.

    Final lines

    An iOS offers the functionality to deliver your Starbucks gift card through Text Message on iMessage which is quite easy to do. Just follow the steps described in this post.

    Now, the problem arises here. If you're an android user how can you send your Starbucks gift card through the default Messaging app?

    If you like are not able to send a Starbucks gift card via Texting on your android or iOS device, please let us know through the comment section. So, we can troubleshoot your problem and provide you perfect resolution.

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