How to transfer Crypto from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase?

How to transfer Crypto from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase

If you've purchased some cryptocurrencies and are stuck in between Coinbase & Coinbase wallet. In these conditions, you're finding a solution for How to transfer Shiba, ethereum(Ethereum), or any other Crypto from coinbase wallet to coinbase?

It's very simple to process to do, as Coinbase made it more precise by providing Scan 

  • Connect Coinbase wallet to coinbase
  • Select Send button in the Coinbase wallet
  • Provide the amount of crypto and send it

In this article, we're going to learn the different methods to transfer Crypto from the Coinbase wallet to Coinbase.

    How to transfer Crypto from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase?

    Before getting started with the tutorial, the question to you. People use the  Coinbase wallet to store their crypto in a secured environment. Why do you want to transfer your Cryptos from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase?

    Try to understand the difference between Coinbase wallet & Coinbase first. Coinbase wallet is a self-custody wallet to store Cryptos privately which is secured with a security key.

    While in another hand, Coinbase is a centralized platform from where you can buy Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

    Please use Coinbase wallet to store their crypto in a secured environment.

    Transferring cryptocurrencies from the Coinbase wallet includes multiple things to do like Connecting the coinbase wallet to the coinbase, Sending crypto from the Coinbase wallet to another wallet or platform. We'll see them one by one.

    I. Connect Coinbase wallet with Coinbase

    The first phase of transferring crypto between the coinbase wallet and coinbase is Connecting it. Follow the steps

    1. Open the Coinbase Wallet and Select the Settings option.
    2. Here you'll find the 'Connect to Coinbase' option, select Connect to Coinbase button to proceed.
    3. Login to your Coinbase account and grant access.

    II. Send Crypto from Coinbase wallet

    This phase includes steps like Actually sending and receiving crypto between coinbase and coinbase wallet.

    1. Copy the Address from.
    2. Select the Send option.
    3. Then Provide the Crypto amount in USD
    4. It will take a few seconds to do a transaction and crypto money will return to your Coinbase account.

    Don't want to transfer crypto to coinbase, coinbase wallet support transfer between other wallets also. The method is pretty similar to the above steps.

    How to transfer Crypto from Coinbase to coinbase wallet?

    As you have connected your coinbase wallet with the coinbase app or website from where you have purchased Cryptos.

    1. Select the Receive option from the left tab (Send/Receive/Trade).
    2. Now copy the address from the Coinbase wallet and paste it into your Coiansbe app or website.
    3. Provide the amount of which you've to transfer the Crypto from Coinbase.
    4. Boom! You've successfully transferred your money to a Coinbase wallet.

    It roughly takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to transfer from Coinbase to coinbase wallet.

    How to withdraw or transfer from a coinbase wallet to a Bank account?

    To withdraw the Crypto from a coinbase wallet to a bank account, first, you'll need to move it Coinbase account. For these steps, you can refer to previous points.

    Once you transferred all of your crypto money to your Coinbase account, we can start with the withdrawal method.

    1. Select the Portfolio tab.
    2. then Choose the crypto which you want to withdraw into your bank account.
    3. Now select <Specific crypto> wallet.
    4. Here you'll find the Trade option. Tap on that.
    5. Now select the Sell button to sell your crypto.
    6. Max the Crypto to get all of the crypto present in your Coinbase account.

    Now all the sold Cryptocurrency money is collected to your Coinbase wallet. You just have to withdraw it to your Bank account.

    1. Select your Portfolio on the home page of the Coinbase app.
    2. Choose USD Doller or any specific currency according to your country.
    3. Then tap on Cash out button and add your bank details here.
    4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw to the bank.

    It will transfer money from the Coinbase account to your Bank account. It may take 1-3 days to complete the transaction. That's it!

    Is there a fee to transfer from coinbase to coinbase wallet? Can you transfer it without any fee?

    Coinbase doesn't charge any fee to transfer from coinbase to coinbase wallet. But, the Network fee will be charged to process the Crypto due to Blockchain technology.

    You can't really transfer from coinbase to coinbase wallet without fees. Blockchain technology will take some part of the cryptocurrencies.

    FIX - Coinbase wallet connects to coinbase not working!

    If you're facing issues like 'Coinbase wallet does not connect with Coinbase'. There could be many reasons for that, based on your country's location or which platform you're using.

    1. First reason can be your country doesn't support the Coinbase platform or either any one of them. You should defiantly check that your device is on the supported country's list.

    2. If you're using a website, then you can try to clear the cache of your web browser or change the Web browser.

    3. If you're using the mobile app, then it could be an issue in your Coinbase wallet app. We'll suggest you try the below steps that can help you:

    • Clear the Cache memory from your app(Only applicable for android)
    • Check and connect to a stable internet connection
    • Restart your device
    • Reinstall the Coinbase wallet app

    Reinstalling the app will definitely help to fix connection issues in the coinbase wallet!

    FIX - Why can't I transfer from coinbase to coinbase wallet?

    It may be because you haven't properly connected your Coinbase app with the coinbase wallet app. For troubleshooting guide, refer to the previous method of this post.

    Final words

    From the above article, we concluded that you can transfer your coins from the Coinbase wallet to Coinbase.

    But, Most people either Trade, Invest, or Stake their cryptos, transfer Crypto to another Wallet or to a Bank account from a Coinbase wallet. You can try these ideas also.

    If you're transferring them to coinbase to convert them into other cryptos, You can trade the cryptos from Wallet itself, you don't need to move them to Coinbase again.

    At last, if anyone finds this tutorial difficult, please contact us through the comment section. You can write your queries down below. We'll try to fix them for you!

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