What is Safemoon? Is Safemoon available on kucoin in 2023?

What is Safemoon? Is Safemoon available on kucoin in 2022?

If you're trading or investing in Safemoon, then we've one good piece of news for you. After the release of Safemoon v2, we can buy safemoon coins from multiple platforms other than Coinbase, & Crypto.com.

In this article, we are going to tell you what Safemoon is and is it available on Kucoin or not. We're also covering other similar topics here in this post.


    What is Safemoon?

    Safemoon is a digital token of cryptocurrency which came into the picture in the 1st quarter of 2021. Its initial name was Meme coin, as the founder of this cryptocurrency took inspiration from Dogecoin & Shiba Inu.

    There are 2 versions of this token available to purchase. 1st version was officially introduced in March 2021 & 2nd version was in December 2021. Each transaction of Safemoon token is 10%.

    Currently, the developers of Safemoon are working on the instability issue. They are aiming to make it a more Stable and Volatile coin/token to invest in the crypto industry right now.

    Is Safemoon available on kucoin in 2023?

    As we know that we can buy safemoon coins from multiple platforms. But, what if when you wanted to buy Safemoon from Kucoin? Is it available on kucoin in 2023?

    according to the reports from Kucoin sandbox, Kucoin also planning to include Safemoon crypto on their platform. 

    You can also check that by searching the keyword "Safemoon" on Kucoin sandbox.

    Safemoon on Kucoin sandbox
    Source: Kucoin sandbox

    Is kucoin available to us? Can US citizens use KuCoin?

    Kucoin is available for everyone and Crypto is not banned. Currently, Kucoin is widely used in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia, India, etc. Check whether your country is banning crypto or not?

    How much the Kucoin offers a fee to buy Safemoon or any other Crypto?

    Kucoin takes some amount of fee according to the User's levelMin. KCS Holding Last 30-DaySpot & future Trading Volume Last 30-Day.

    Thye takes fee ranges from -0.015% to 0.08%, depending on the type of investment/trading. Deposit and withdrawal fees may vary as per the Cryptos.

    For more details, check the list of Fees offered by Kucoin.

    Can we buy Safemoon on Pancakeswap?

    Yes, Just like other cryptos, we can buy Safemoon coins using Pancakeswap. Most people prefer Pancakeswap over Uniswap. Because it is much cheaper and faster than Uniswap.

    1. You'll need to Buy basic swappable crypto like ETH from crypto selling platforms like Coinbase or Crypto.com.

    2. Then transfer them to Any crypto wallet like MetaMask or trust wallet. Both work perfectly. 

    3. Now connect Pancakeswap to your Wallet. Now select Ethereum and Safemoon as a swap from and swap to respectively.

    What coins are on KuCoin?

    There is a wide variety of cryptocurrencies are available on Kucoin. Currently, Kucoin offers coins like BTC, ETH, USDT to trade directly and you can also purchase another 3rd party. Check them on their official website for a detailed list.

    Can I buy TRX or any other crypto on KuCoin?

    Yes, you can buy TRX or any other crypto on Kucoin, and its process is pretty simple.

    1. First of all, Go to Kucoin's official website and log in with your Kucoin account.

    2. Select the Third-party option under the Buy Crypto menubar item(As shown in Screenshot).

    TRX on Kucoin

    3. Select TRX as the I want to Buy option.

    Provide crypto info and Payment method on Kucoin

    4. Select the Payment amount, currency, & payment method to continue.

    Which is better Binance or Kucoin?

    Binance and Kucoin both are good platforms to start your crypto investment career as a Crypto trader. Both provide us wide variety of cryptos and security. Binance is a much older trading platform than Kucoin.

    How safe KuCoin is?

    Kucoin claims that they have modern, & complex security provided for the Kucoin Platform. Also, they have a dedicated team for the Kucoin platform which monitors and maintains the infrastructure of the Kucoin platform.

    They are improving their security standards day by day, to safeguard the User accounts and tokens/coins purchased by users. So, crypto investors will not face any insecurity while trading coins and Tokens.

    Reference: Safecoin Wiki, Kucoin

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