How to put any PayPal button on Tumblr or other websites?

How to put a PayPal button on tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms for content creators and influencers. PayPal is a must-needed platform when it comes to Secured & Easy payments.

You can integrate them to earn your Commission or Donations to your Fanbase or Followers.

But, how to put a PayPal button on Tumblr? You can achieve this just by Copying and pasting the PayPal button code to Tumblr BlogĀ using HTML Editor.

In this article, we've covered all the steps which explain how you can copy PayPal Donate, Subscription, or any Button code from your Paypal Website to your Tumblr Blog,Ā profile page, or any other CMS like WordPress, blogger, etc.

    How to put a PayPal button on Tumblr?

    Now, PayPal is bringing more and more features for Artists, Content creators, Freelancers & other small-scale business owners. Donate Button and Subscription feature is one of them.

    Create PayPal Donate/Subscription Button on Tumblr

    1. Open the PayPal website by logging in through your Paypal personal or Business account

    2. Then Select App CentreĀ from the Quick link section

    3. Scroll down till you find PayPal Buttons

    PayPal Button

    4. Now you'll seeĀ the Get startedĀ in front of the PayPal Buttons

    5. Choose the Button according to the Need and service you provide to your customer

    There are 5 types of Button:

    • Smart Button
    • Buy Now
    • Add to Cart
    • Smart Subscribe
    • Subscribe

    6. Customise the Button according to your choice and select Copy Code.

    7. Open Any HTML Code editor tool(here, in this tutorial I'm using VSCode). Paste it.

    Once you have copied the PayPal Button code, you can use it later on anywhere. Which we are going to see in the next part.

    Add PayPal Donate or Subscription Button on Tumblr Blog

    1. Open and log in using your Account.

    2. Select Profile Menu and Choose theĀ Edit Appearance option(Make sure that you've created at least one Blog on Tumblr).

    3. After that, your Tumblr Blog profile page will get open. Here you've to select theĀ Edit Theme button.

    4. Now select Edit HTML under the Custom Theme section. Now Scroll until you find '</body>', Paste all the code between <Script></script> tags and Save the code.

    These tags will handle the working of your PayPal button including the Server-side also.

    5. Now, create the new post and paste the code <div></div> in that Post. Don't forget to save it.

    Here, the div tag will display your PayPal button.

    6. You will see the PayPal button on that Post as visible in the given screenshot.

    In the same way, you can use it on any other blog, or website. You just need to copy the code of the PayPal button and put it under your blog page using that specific CMS HTML Editor like WordPress, Blogger, WIX, and others.

    Is PayPal safe to use on Tumblr or any other platform?

    In terms of Security & reliability, PayPal ranks top among all the Payment platforms.Ā They have a dedicated team to work on the data security and integrity of each and every customer.

    They keep all customer data like credit/debit cards, Banking details & private. Their aim is to provide & ensure the safest environment is available forĀ their customer.

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    From the above article, we've concluded that PayPal provides us functionality to create HTML Based Button to accept payments. Tumblr allows us to customize the Post.

    We just need to download the code from PayPal and paste it into the Tumblr Blog or page.

    If you still have any queries regarding this article, or Payapl or Tumblr platform, we are here to help you! Just let us know your questions through the Comment section.