How to buy Sand or Sandbox on Coinbase wallet?

How to buy Sand or Sandbox on Coinbase wallet?

SAND or SandBox is one of the popular Cryptos to invest in 2022 and upcoming years. SAND is a good investment if you are Gamers and want to try your luck in Metaverse for Gaming.

Now you are getting the question that where to buy sandbox crypto in the USA or any other country?

Coinbase should be the best option here if you want to buy any Crypto.

Do worry we'll provide you a detailed guide on how you can buy Sandbox on the Coinbase wallet using the Coinbase app.

This guide also explains how to buy sand from other platforms than Coinbase like Binance, Trust wallet, Kucoin, Simplex, etc. So let's get started with it!

    How to buy sand on Coinbase wallet?

    If you want to buy a Sandbox coin or token from the coinbase platform, the method is a little bit tricky. First, you'll need to buy ETH from coinabse and then move it to your coinabse wallet to buy SandBox.

    Buy Ethereum from Coinabse

    1. First you'll need to buy replaceable crypto from Coinabse. Maybe Ethereum will work for you, you can buy them from a Coinbase app or website.

    2. After buying Ethereum from coinbase, transfer your Ethereum to your Coinbase wallet.

    Before that don't forget to link your Coinabse account with your Coinbase wallet. 

    Transfer Ethereum(ETH) to the Coinabse wallet

    Once you successfully linked your Coinbase account with Wallet, follow the below steps.

    1. Open the Coinbase wallet app and head towards the Wallet tab.

    Receive crypto to Coinbase wallet

    2. Select Receive option and then select Ethereum coin to receive Ethereum from Coinabse.

    3. Now Select the Copy or share address option from the bottom of the QR Code.

    copy and share coinbase address

    4. Open the Coinabse app and select Send option.

    5. Choose Ethereum as send Crypto and paste the copied address from Wallet.

    Now, check and confirm that you've got Ethereum transferred from the Coinbase app to the wallet app.

    Buy Sand on Coinbase wallet using Ethereum

    Now open the Coinbase wallet app again to buy our SAND coin. You can use any decentralized Exchange or swapping app like Uniswap. 

    But, we will recommend you use Uniswap as it is trusted by many users and we use this to swap or trade the Coins.

    1. Open Coinabse wallet and select Uniswap from the Apps tab.

    2. Provide the Ethereum that you transferred from Coinabse to your wallet earlier.

    Buy Sand on Coinbase wallet using Ethereum

    3. After that choose the swap to crypto - Sand from the list.

    4. Now select the Swap button.

    Wait for a minute and you have successfully bought Sand on Coinabse wallet!

    How to buy a Sandbox or Sand coin, if you didn't find it in Coinbase?

    How to buy sand on Binance?

    If you tried to buy Sand from Coinbase, but for some reason, it didn't work? Don worry! You can buy it from another great platform called Binance.

    1. Go and register yourself on Binance and select this link Binance market.

    2. Search for SAND on the list of cryptos and Select the Trade button.

    Buy Sand on Binance

    3. Then select the Buy option from the right sidebar.

    How to buy sand in a trust wallet?

    If you want to buy Sand Trust, not from Coinabse or Binance, you can also try Trust wallet.

    There are two different ways to buy Sand or Sandbox on Trust wallet. We'll discuss both of them here.

    A) Buy SANDBOX directly

    1. Open the Trust wallet and set up a wallet with your account.

    Buy Sandbox on trust wallet

    2. Select the Buy option and search for 'Sandbox'. You'll find it easily in the Trust wallet.

    simplex buy sanbox

    3. Use Simplex as it has the best rates and it makes your SAND Purchase easy to use Sandbox in Metaverse. For more details, read this article.

    B) Swap Ethereum for Sand

    If you don't want to buy SAND directly, then the second option is you can swap it for other Crypto like Ethereum.

    1. First buy or transfer Ethereum from other Wallets like MetMask or Coinabse wallet.

    2. Then Select this Swap option.

    Swap Sandbox with Ethereum

    3. Now choose The Sandbox as Swap to Cryptocurrency.

    That it! you've purchased SandBox on Trust wallet within a few minutes.

    Is sand coin available on coinbase?

    The answer is yes and No. Sand or SandBox token is not available in Coinbase. Still, you can buy it from a Coinabse wallet. 

    First, you'll need to buy tradable crypto from Coinbase and then swap with Sand. Detailed steps are mentioned in this article.


    There are so many Platforms available that sell or swap Sand Crypto. You can use Coinbase Wallet, Binance, Trust wallet, Kucoin, and Simplex to buy SAND or Sandbox coins and tokens online.

    A detailed article is written, you can refer to this post. It'll help you to buy your first sand token with simple steps.

    If you face any issues while purchasing Sand crypto, put your queries in the comment section so we can help you to fix them.

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