Send money to PayPal from Credit or Debit card with or without account

Send money to PayPal from Credit or Debit card with or without account

Are you curious about how we can transfer the credit card balance to PayPal? You can do it. Actually, you can add money to your PayPal directly. Paypal allows us to do that.

But, when we want to send your money from a different Credit card or Debit card to your Account, you'll need to do the following steps. So, let's get started with it.

    How to send money to PayPal from a Credit card?

    There is a trick to sending money to your Paypal account using Credit Card or Debit card.

    Website Users -

    1. Log in to your Paypal personal or Business account from here.

    Paypal payment requests

    2. Select Request Payments from the home screen.

    Share your personal profile

    3. Then select the Share your personal profile option from the right side. profile

    4. After that, you will see Profile. Here, you've to select the share option.

    5. Then Copy and paste it on a new browser like Chrome or Mozilla, if you are using MS Edge, or else you can open it in the Incognito tab.

    6. Log in to a new Paypal account or create a new PayPal account and then you can select the Credit card or Debit option to send to your PayPal account from a Credit or Debit card.

    For more details, scroll down and see the steps on how we can add a Credit card to PayPal?

    Mobile Users -

    1. Open the PayPal mobile app.

    2. Select the Currency icon(Pay/Get paid option) from the bottom middle.

    Currency icon(Pay/Get paid option)

    3. Now select Paid Get Paid

    Share your link

    4. Then select the Share your link button to copy the link.

    5. After that paste the link to the Web Browser.

    How to add a Credit or Debit card to PayPal?

    After adding the Paypal Credit card to your PayPal account you can use it to make a purchase or to use PayPal to get cash from a credit card.

    1. Login to your PayPal account.

    2. Hover over the Pay & Get paid menu option.

    3. Select the Money option under the Payment methods section.

    4. Now add the Credit or Debit card details and you've added the Credit or Debit card successfully.

    Once all will be done, Pay using the Credit or Debit card to your account through a copied link from Paypal.Me.

    What if when you don't have any Bank account, how can you transfer money to Paypal from a Credit or Debit card?

    Send money to PayPal with a credit card without an account?

    The process to send money to PayPal with a credit card without an account is very simple. Follow the simple steps,

    1. Just take a Credit card that doesn't link with any Account.

    2. Now, generate the Invoice or Payment request(As shown previously) from the account where you want to receive the money.

    3. Copy the payment link and paste it anywhere where your PayPal account isn't now logged in.

    4. Once the send Payment option appears on the screen, select Send option to send money. Then, you'll find the Payment option to send money using a Credit card.

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    If this technique doesn't work for you, you can refer to this also

    1. First Integrate your account with the Paypal checkout feature. Paypal claims that they can accept payments from others through credit or debit cards without a Paypal account.

    Paypal checkout - Credit or Debit card with or without paypal account

    2. Then copy the link and open it on a new browser. Pay using the Credit or Debit card directly.

    Sending money to Paypal without a Paypal account seems difficult for many people, but you can transfer your funds through this method.

    Can you transfer money from a debit card to PayPal?

    Yes, just like you did the process to transfer money from a Credit card to PayPal, you can make payment from debit to PayPal also.

    Is sending money through PayPal with a credit card a cash advance?

    Yes, you can send advance cash through PayPal using a Credit card just like other purchases.

    Is there any Fee for using a Credit or Debit card on Paypal?

    PayPal charges fees Not only for Credit or Debit cards but for every Payment method. PayPal takes a fee of 2.9% of the total transfer amount + a fixed fee of 30 cents.

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    From the above post, we have come to the conclusion. You can use this technique to use PayPal to get cash from a Credit or Debit card.

    Can you pay someone on PayPal with a credit card? The answer is yes! you can pay anyone using the given technique.

    If you've any queries regarding the post, feel free to contact us through the Comment section.

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