How to get Game pigeon for android device? Latest guide - 2023

Game pigeon for android

How to get the Game pigeon for android devices, so we can play different iMessage-based games with our fellow iOS users?

Right now we don't have any direct way to use Game pigeon for android and no one knows, When is game pigeon coming to android?

This guide is all about how can we download and install Game Pigeon on our Android devices.

    How to get Game Pigeon for Android devices?

    Some people claim that they have Game pigeon apk, but do not download it. It may contain Malicious code or Viruses, which may damage your android device.

    weMessage Setup on macOS

    1. First of all, Download the required packages Java (JDK).

    2. Install the downloaded Java package on your macOS using Terminal.

    3. Now download the weMessage macOS version and extract the archive package.

    4. Open the Run.command file from the extracted folder.

    If you face any issues while running the Run.command file then follow the below steps.

    5. Open System preferences. Navigate to Security & privacy, then select the Open Anyway option from the 'General' tab.

    6. Put your iMessage Email and Password under the Run.command.

    weMessage Setup on Android

    1. Put your macOS network configuration like IP address under the weMessage Android app.

    2. Then enter your iMessage email and password. Hit the Sign-up button.

    3. Voila! you have successfully set up the weMessage on your android device.

    Now you can use all capabilities of iMessage on your android device. for more details visit their Official website - weMessage.

    The limitations of this method are that you need a macOS laptop or Desktop which means if you have Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS-based Pcs or Laptops, then you can't Install iMessage and the GamePigeon on your Android.

    Note: We are not offering any kind of downloads, we have provided an official download link for each download file.

    GamePigeon Alternative - Games like GamePigeon for android

    If you don't have MacOS, simply you can't install the iMessage alternative called weMessage on your android device.

    Still, you can install Game Pigeon alternative apps like Plato on android. Plato is one of the popular alternatives which most people prefer.

    This app is also available on iOS. That means you can able to play live iMessage games with your iOS user Friend.

    1. What we have to do here is download & open the Plato app on android.

    2. Go to the Games section ad select the iMessage game that you want to play with your friend.

    3. Provide Plato ID or send game requests through SMS.

    4. You will get a game request notification in the Chat section of the Plato app.

    5. Now you can start playing games or you can send a Game request to your friend.

    By using this app, you can play games like 8 Ball or 9 Ball Pool, Bowling, Cup pong, Mini Golf, and hundreds of other games. This app works like a charm on Android and iOS platforms.

    Is there any method to play Game Pigeon online?

    Right now, we can play using Game Pigeon on an iMessage & mobile app only. Because Game Pigeon is iMessage-based gaming application. There is no any way to play it Online.

    Instead of searching for Game pigeon online, you can try its alternative which works perfectly on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Is GamePigeon available on Android?

    Officially GamePigeon is not available for Android OS. But, there are some alternative ways by using which we can achieve this also.

    Or we can use similar apps to GamePigeon to play iMessage games on Android devices also.

    is game pigeon safe?

    Game pigeon is completely safe to use even if it's developed by small-scale developers. 

    Some people might get questions that this app might access your personal data or messages which you receive in iMessage.

    Why isn't game pigeon on android?

    Game Pigeon is not available on Android. GamePigeon developer has only developed it for iOS. Still, you can play iMessage games on your android device like iPhone or iPad.

    There are multiple ways like installing the Game Pigeon alternative or installing the iMessage alternative on an android device.

    Final Conclusion

    From the above article, we concluded that there are so many similar apps to GamePigeon available. You can't play iMessage games on cross-platforms.

    But, there are some ways to use Game pigeon for Android and iPhone, that allow us to do that.

    Also, you can get Game Pigeon Alternatives on your Android and iPhone devices.

    If you have any queries regarding the GamePigeon android guide, let us know in the comment section.

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