How to buy & sell EMax on Coinbase wallet? Coinbase alternative to buy Emax!

How to buy Emax on Coinbase wallet

Do you have the interest to invest in Cryptocurrency and wanted to Buy Emax Also known as Ethereum Max coin on Coinbase, Trust wallet, Uniswap, Metamask, or any other platform?

According to Coinbase, you can't directly buy them from Coinbase. Thats why most people face problems while Buying an EMax on Coinbase.

Do you know that there is an alternative method to buy EMax on Coinbase? 

In this post, we've explained the easiest method to achieve it. So let's get started.

    How to buy EMax on Coinbase wallet?

    EMax is not purchasable with real-world currencies like USD, Euro, GBP, etc. You can buy this by exchanging or trading with other currencies like Ethereum.

    For that process, you'll need any self-custody wallet like Coinbase wallet, WalletConnect, Fortmatic, etc.

    The Coinbase app & Coinbase Wallet both are different things. But, here we'll need both apps to Buy EMax.

    You can do an EMax swap with Ethereum on the Coinbase wallet only. 

    We've divided this tutorial into 2 different parts. 

    I. Buy Ethereum on Coinbase and Transfer to Coinbase Wallet

    1. Install Coinbase Wallet. Register with your Username, if you haven't registered it.

    Buy Ethereum first, you can buy with Coinbase or any other crypto-buying platform.

    2. Select the Wallet tab on Coinbase Wallet and choose the Receive or Transfer from elsewhere option.

    3. Select Ethereum crypto to receive. Now select the Copy or share address option.

    4. Open Coinbase and Purchase Ethereum. Now select Send and select Ethereum as Crypto. 

    5. Finally, Paste the Address you copied from Coinbase Wallet and hit Send. You'll receive Ethereum in your Coinbase wallet.

    6. Instead of copying and pasting the address manually, you can directly transfer Ethereum from Coinbase using the Transfer from Coinbase Button.

    7. Check that you have enough Ethereum on your Coinbase Wallet balance to buy an EthereumMax.

    II. Swap Ethereum into EMax on Coinbase wallet using Uniswap

    Uniswap is a decentralized app that finds the people who want to swap their Crypto. Here, we are swapping Ethereum with EMax. 

    Uniswap will find someone who wants to sell their EMax on the network and swap our Ethereum with their EMax.

    1. Select UniSwap from the Home tab of the Coinbase wallet(as shown in the picture).

    Swap Ethereum into EMax on Coinbase wallet using Uniswap

    2. Select Ethereum as Swap from and EMax as Swap to cryptocurrency.

    Buying Ethereum max using Ethereum on Coinbase Wallet

    3. Now press Swap. 

    If you face a problem while swapping from Ethereum to EMax, follow the below steps

    4. Select¬†‚öôÔłŹSettings icon and Provide Slippage tolerance (1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50,..) until you can Swap Ethereum.

    change slippage tolerance of EMax on Coinbase wallet

    5. After successful Swapping, it will ask you for permission to Pay. Select Pay.

    Buying Ethereum max using Ethereum on Coinbase Wallet

    6. Navigate to the Coinbase Wallet tab and you will have your EMax crypto on your Coinbase wallet! You can convert it to your Coinbase app or any other app or wallet.

    How to sell EMax on Coinbase wallet?

    Once you are done buying with EMax or someone sent you EMax on your Coinbase Wallet, then the question arises here how can you Sell this EthereumMax coin through Coinbase Wallet?

    The answer is you have to reverse the process of buying or loading EMax on the Coinbase wallet.

    In short, just like you bought EMax on Coinbase using Uniswap. You can sell it using the same method.

    1. First open the Uniswap decentralized web app on the Coinbase wallet app.

    2. Select EMax as 'Swap from' and Ethereum as 'Swap to'.

    sell EMax on Coinbase wallet

    3. Again Change the Slippage tolerance (1.00, 3.00, 5.50, 7.00, 8.50,..) until you can Swap EthereumMax or EMax.

    sell EMax on Coinbase wallet

    4. Then confirm payment to Proceed.

    After successfully converting EMax into Ethereum, you can transfer it to either coinbase or to any other wallet you want!

    Then sell Ethereum for Cash or trade the Ethereum to Bitcoin, so you can sell them for money.

    EthereumMax - Where to buy & how to buy? Is there any alternative available for Coinbase Wallet?

    If you don't want to use Coinbase Wallet for any reason, No Problem. There are so many Coinbase Wallet alternatives available that you can use to buy EMax.

    Some of the great alternative wallets are Trust wallet, Metamask Wallet, etc.

    How to buy Emax on a Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet?

    First of all, you'll need to Download Trust Wallet or Metmask Wallet according to your choice.

    Metamask Wallet is available on Major mobile platforms Android & iOS. Web Extensions support Multiple web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave & Microsoft Edge.

    You can use any app, and all works perfectly. 

    I. Buy Ethereum on Coinbase and transfer to Wallet

    First Buy Ethereum on Coinbase. If you don't know how to buy Ethereum on Coinbase, read this point Buy Ethereum on Coinbase and Transfer to Coinbase & another Wallet.

    Once you purchased Ethereum on the Coinbase platform, you'll need to transfer it to other Self-custody wallets like Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet, 

    II. Transfer Ethereum to Metamask

    1. Copy the Metamask address and paste it to Coinbase Send crypto section.

    Transfer Ethereum to Metamask to purchase EthereumMax

    2. Select the Swap button to Swap Ethereum to EMax.

    3. Add Ethereum according to availability and select EMax as 'Swap to'.

    4. Now select the Review Swap button and it will take 5-10 minutes to see on your Metamask wallet.

    You successfully swapped Ethereum with EMax on the Metamask wallet! Trust Wallet also has a similar method to Swap Ethereum with EMax.

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    Is Emax Available on Coinbase?

    EthereumMax is not available to purchase on Coinbase, you'll need to install Coinbase Wallet to use or buy or sell it. EthereumMax is Tradable crypto, not a Purchasable like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, etc.

    First, you'll need to purchase Ethereum on coinbase, then transfer it to your Coinbase wallet to trade with EMax.

    For more details, read this article from the top.

    Can you buy Emax on Coinbase wallet?

    The answer is no. You can buy EMax on the Coinbase wallet or in Coinbase. You'll need to buy Ethereum from Coinbase and then transfer it to Coinbase Wallet to convert it to EMax.

    You can read this article for more details. This entire article is all about how to Buy EMax or EthereumMax crypto on Coinbase wallet, or other wallets like Metamask and Trust Wallet.

    FIX: EMax not showing on Coinbase wallet!

    The 'EMax not showing' issue is quite common in the Coinbase wallet. It happens because most people don't know How to get EMax on the Coinbase wallet.

    1. First Buy Ethereum cryptocurrency from any other platform like Coinbase. Then transfer it to the Crypto wallet - Coinbase Wallet.

    Open UniSwap decentralized app. Select the Swap option and you'll need to search for EthereumMax or EMax in Swap to the field.

    2. Still the EMax is not showing in the Coinbase wallet, then Change the app. You can use any other Decentralised app to swap your Ethereum to EMax.

    3. Our third suggestion is that change the Wallet app. There are so many options available in the market like Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.

    Final Conclusion

    From the above post, we've concluded that Coinbase doesn't allow us to Purchase EMax on Coinbase directly. Still, you can buy or sell it on Coinbase by using the trick which we've shared in this post.

    But, the Coinbase Wallet is a must-needed app to sell or Buy EMax on the Coinbase wallet.

    First, we purchased Ethereum on the Coinbase app, then transfer it into the Coinbase wallet. Then traded Ethereum with EMax. For selling, we used the reverse method.

    If you face any difficulty while buying an EthereumMax coin on Coinbase or swapping Ethereum to EMax, feel free to contact us through the Comment section. We're here to help you.