How to Blacklist or block tags on Tumblr mobile & web

How to Blacklist or block tags on Tumblr mobile & web

Have you ever wanted to block anyone on Tumblr or any social media platform? You can block and Blacklist the post tags on the Tumblr mobile app.

Blacklisting tags prevents from displaying Spam and unwanted content on Tumblr feeds. So you can access Filtered content on Tumblr.

In this article, we are going to learn how to block tags and Blacklist the posts on Mobile phones and Websites. So let's get started.

    How to Blacklist or block tags on Tumblr?

    We often get some irrelevant and unwanted posts while surfing on Tumblr. There we need to filter & Blacklist tags to prevent content from showing up in the Tumblr feed.

    Easiest Steps to Block or Backlist tags on Tumblr (Desktop as well as a mobile phone):


    1. First open the Tumblr website and Head to the Account settings option(As shown in pictures).

    How to Blacklist tags on Tumblr

    2. Then choose Settings (gear icon).

    How to block tags on Tumblr

    3. Now it will open the settings page, where we have to filter the tags that have to Block or Blacklist. Select the Filtered tags option only. Do not add tags on Filtered post content.

    How to block tags on Tumblr

    4. Now Add the tags that you want to block.

    How to block tags on Tumblr

    Android & iOS Mobile app:

    1. Open Tumblr mobile app. Now open the account settings.

    Blacklist tags on Tumblr mobile

    2. Then select the gear option (setting option) and then select the Account settings option as shown in the picture.

    block tags on Tumblr mobile

    3. Now select the Filtering option from account settings.

    Filtering tags on Tumblr

    4. Now add block tags in the Filtered Tags section. Done!

    Filter Tumblr tag

    Alternatively, you can also block the post and its tags by using the google chrome extension. It more precise way of blocking tags on Tumblr. 

    This plugin has a blacklist to block the specific tags and a White list shows posts from whitelisted tags.

    Tumblr savior - block and Blacklist tags on Tumblr

    Download Tumblr savior from the below links and add an extension to your browser. When you will open it. 

    You'll see a blacklist and a white list. The blacklist represents a list of Tags that you have to block. And White list represents a list of Tag Posts that you want to show always.

    It is available on widely used browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

    You will get it from here - 

    Tumblr savior

    Google Chrome and MS Edge

    Mozilla firefox

    Here, We have mentioned method is updated with the latest update of Tumblr 2021.

    How to Unblock Tags on Tumblr?

    Unblocking Tags is much more simple than Blacklisting them on Tumblr. You just have to find the tags filtered in the Search filter and remove them from there.

    If you have Blocked tags using Tumblr Saviour, Open Tumblr savior, and manually tap on the Cross icon in front of Tags.

    FIX - Tumblr tag filtering not working

    Is your Tumblr Tag filtering like Adding tags or blacklisting the tags not working properly? You can try these fixes, that will defiantly help you!

    1) New account - The primary reason for 'Tag filtering not working' is your account is New. Tumblr Algorithm identifies your account as SPAM or BOT if your account is new and you don't have any posts. 

    So, try to add some amount of content to your Tumblr account.

    2) Fewer Profile data - Second reason for tag filtering not working for your account is you haven't added enough data to your profile.

    Provide necessary details like Phone, Email, and connect other social media account to make your Tumblr Account more legitimate.

    3) Unverified Email - Another potential reason is to you haven't verified your Email with Tumblr. Most of the people face 'Tag filtering not working' issues due to Unverified Emails!

    Final conclusion

    From the above article, we have provided a Detailed guide by using which we can Block tag to Blacklist the post. This guide also describes how we can Unblock the Tags on Tumblr.

    For the bonus, we've also given a few solutions to fix your Tumblr Tags filtering isn't working issue.

    If you have any queries regarding Blacklisting or blocking the Tumblr Tags on mobile phone or Website directly. Please comment on your questions.

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