How to use Visa gift card on Amazon Website & App - 2024 guide

Can you use a Visa Gift card on Amazon? Do you have a spare Visa gift card balance that you don't require anymore?

Want to convert a Visa gift card to Amazon to shop online! But, adding the Gift cards like Visa, and MasterCard is a bit confusing for most of us.

So, we have created its tutorial where we've covered all topics regarding How to use Visa gift cards on Amazon and add the Visa gift card to Amazon.

Also, as a bonus trick for our readers, this guide includes how we can use a Visa Gift card for partial payments. So, let's get started with the guide!

    How to use a Visa Gift card on Amazon in 2024?

    Some Prepaid Gift cards require Activation before using them for any purpose. So, before adding a Visa Gift card, register & get it activated. Your Visa Gift card issuer may charge a fee to activate it.

    Contact your Visa Gift card issuer for more details about how can you activate a Visa Gift card.

    There are three different ways to add and use a Visa Gift card on Amazon. Here, we'll see all of them.

    Method 1 - Use a Visa Gift card on Amazon's website through Payments

    A Visa Gift card works like a regular Debit Gift card. So, you can add it like a Normal Debit or Credit card.

    1. Open the website and follow the path - Accounts & Lists > Payment methods

    2. Select Add a payment method under the Cards & accounts section

    Adding Visa Gift card to Amazon Payments

    3. then, select Add a Credit or Debit Card under the Credit or Debit Cards section

    4. Now, enter your Visa Gift card details Gift card number, Name on the Gift card, and Expiry date of the Gift card

    Then, it will get added to the Cards & accounts section of your Amazon Payments or Wallet!

    Method 2 - Use a Visa Gift card on Amazon's website using Gift Reload

    Here in this method, we'll reload the Amazon Gift balance with a Visa Gift card. We've added to the Payment method. So, we can use an Amazon Gift card with Visa Gift card funds.

    1. Open the website and search this 'Amazon Reload' or simply navigate to this path - Accounts & Lists > Gift cards

    Amazon Reload

    2. Enter the Desired Amount on the right side of Amazon reload the page and proceed to the next page

    3. Then add your Card details into the pop-up box and select Add a Credit or Debit card as shown in the following picture

    Use Visa gift card on Amazon's website

    4. Provide the Card details like we did in the previous method and save it

    After saving, money will get debited from your Visa Gift card and will get added to your Gift balance. Now, you can use your Gift balance to buy anything on Amazon.

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    Method 3 - Use a Visa Gift card during Checkout

    This is quite simpler than previous methods, where you just need to add the product to the Cart and add an Amazon Gift card at last during checkout.

    You will find options like Add a Credit or Debit card under the Your credit and debit cards section there in the Checkout page.

    Now, you can use a Visa gift card on the Amazon website. But, note that you can only use Visa Gift card money to purchase on Amazon.

    If you want to use another payment method with a Visa gift card, please refer to another method 2.

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    How to Use a Visa Gift card on Amazon mobile App?

    We have seen how to add a Visa Gift card on Amazon's Website in two different ways. Likewise, we can also add the Visa Gift card to the Amazon Mobile app and the steps are as follows:

    1. Open the Amazon app and Navigate to the Accounts sections.

    2. Select Manage payment options under the Amazon Pay section.

    Use Visa gift card on Amazon mobile App

    If you are from the United States, then your options will be like this select Manage payment options under the Amazon wallet section.

    For UK people, select Your Payments from the Account Settings section.

    3. Now select Add a payment method under Wallet.

    Add visa gift card as payment method

    4. Here on the Payment method page, Select Add a credit or debit card & add your Visa gift card details.

    5. Don't forget to set it as the Primary payment method.

    Different ways to use the Visa gift card online

    You can use a Visa gift card for different purposes online like shopping on Amazon.

    You can reload your Amazon gift card balance with your Visa gift card. So you get an Amazon gift card to purchase anything.

    You can redeem it or you can convert Amazon gift cards into a bank, cash, or Paypal.

    Alternatively, you can use a Visa gift card to purchase Steam gamesYou can use or redeem Visa gift cards on multiple platforms online.

    How to use a Visa Gift card on Amazon for partial payment?

    You can't directly use Visa gift cards on Amazon for partial payment of a single order, but you can use its alternative trick which actually works!

    What is the pre-requisite for this method is a pre-activated visa gift card.

    1. First, try the Reload method which we have mentioned in the 1st point

    2. Move your Visa gift card to an Amazon Gift card and then transfer money from this Amazon gift card to the Amazon Gift balance

    3. After that, you can use the Amazon pay balance to purchase anything on the Amazon website or mobile app

    Refer to method 2 for a details explanation.

    How to use a Visa Gift card to get money off on Amazon?

    There are only two ways to get money off from a Visa Gift card on Amazon either use a Visa Gift card on Amazon as a payment method or Sell it on Amazon to get some cash.

    We've seen how to use a Visa Gift card as a Payment method on Amazon. But, the point is like you can sell any other Gift card on Amazon.

    You'll need to find other gift card sellers who can buy your Visa Gift card for an Amazon Gift card or Cash.

    You can try to sell it on eBay or the platform. In return, you can demand Cash or an Amazon Gift card.


    Does Amazon accept Visa gift cards as payment?

    Yeah! Amazon accepts Visa gift cards as a payment method to purchase anything you want on the Amazon website or app.

    The only limitation is that you can't directly use a Visa gift card with other payment options to buy anything.

    For the Guide on using a visa gift card as payment on Amazon, you can refer to this article.

    How to turn a Visa Gift card into an Amazon Gift card?

    Once you added your Visa Gift card to your Amazon account, you can reload your Gift balance in your Amazon account or buy an Amazon Gift card.

    How to use a Virtual Visa card on Amazon?

    The process to use a Virtual Visa card is just like you use a normal Visa card o Amazon. Just add your Virtual Visa Card to the Amazon debit and Credit card section and use it for your payments.

    Does Amazon accept prepaid cards?

    Yes, amazon accepts prepaid cards. But they have certain regulations like you can't use combined gift cards with credit cards for a single order.

    Amazon's payment system doesn't support adding CVV numbers for bank ATMs, debit & credit cards.

    Can you use multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon?

    People own multiple gift cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc. But actually, they don't have an idea how to use more than one Visa gift card on Amazon?

    Unfortunately, according to Amazon's guidelines on multiple prepaid gift cards, you can't use multiple cards with credit and debit cards at a time.

    Amazon doesn't support an advanced billing system with security codes. Amazon doesn't process those bill payments or add cards on Amazon as requested by respective banks.

    Alternatively, you can use one at a time to reload the money from the Prepaid Gift card into the Gift balance. In this way, you can add an infinite number of Prepaid Gift cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Amex to Amazon.

    Final conclusion

    Our final views on 'Can you use Visa gift cards on Amazon & how to use it on Amazon?' are, that you can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express(AMEX) gift cards to add funds to your Amazon account.

    We have shared all possible ways to reload your Amazon balance. Also, you can't use multiple Visa gift cards to do transactions for one order.

    We have shared one helpful technique to accomplish that also.

    If you have any issues regarding adding a Visa gift card to Amazon, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.