How to see who viewed your facebook story that you are not friends with?

How to see who viewed your facebook story that you are not friends with
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Have you ever wanted to know 'How to see who viewed your Facebook story that you are not friends with?' after you upload the new Story on Facebook or you've seen 1 other at the end of the Story.

Most people don't find it difficult to check who views your Story or isn't your friend.

Here in this article, we have brought some techniques by using which you can see the other viewers on a Facebook story.

    Why can't we see who viewed my Facebook story?

    You can't view or check who has seen your Story who is not your friend on Facebook. Facebook creates labels like 1 other, 2 others, 3 others, etc.

    It happens because you have set your Facebook story as Public, i.e., your Story will be visible to everyone.

    If anyone sends you a friend request and you don't accept it. It goes to pending status, but the requester becomes your follower on Facebook.

    You will not see their stories here, but they can see your stories. Facebook doesn't show Story View until you both become Friends on Facebook.

    How to see who viewed your Facebook story who is not your friend?

    Facebook doesn't give the option to view story readers who aren't on your friend. There is no proven method to find a viewer of your Story.

    But, you can surely see multiple options from which your story viewer is. We explained who will be the Viewer of your Story in the previous point.

    We can see or guess who they actually are. Just follow these steps.

    1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone.

    2. Go to pending friend requests and check how many pending requests are on the list.

    If the list has only one pending request, your Story viewer will be that person for sure.

    If the list has more than one or two pending requests, you've to guess the Story viewer from the list.

    This is the only thing that you can do to fix your problem.

    Disable Privacy settings of Story

    If you don't want no one out of your friend list to view your Facebook story, you've to do it through Facebook story settings.

    1. Open the Facebook story and select the Privacy option.

    2. then you will see an option called Who can see your Story?

    3. It will be selected Public as default. Choose Friends.

    That's it! No one can see your Facebook story other than your friends.

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    Popular Facebook story viewer app that you can download!

    There are tons of apps available in the Play store, by using which you can do tweak the Facebook app privacy settings, or can watch others' stories anonymously. 

    1. Save Story for Facebook Stories - Download

    Facebook story viewer app
    Source: Google Play store

    Save Story for Facebook Stories is the story viewer and saver app for Facebook. This app is available in both Free and Paid versions. 

    The main benefit of this app is you can block your Activity tracking & watch stories anonymously. So, if you view someone's Story or Profile. 

    They will not be able to see that you viewed their story. Also, you can download their stories, and they will not be aware of that.

    They also have message privacy enabled Facebook messenger. You can be online along with the offline status, so your friends will not get to know that you are Online.

    You can download this app from here Google play store link


    From the above article, we conclude that there is no way to see who viewed your Facebook story who does not friend with you.

    But you can guess who can be a viewer of your story from the pending friend requests list.

    Also, we've shared a few apps that can help you fix your problem. Try them also.

    Still, you can't find someone who viewed your Facebook story who is not your friend. Comment down your exact problem. We'll definitely try to fix it.

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