[FIXED] - Coinbase account restricted!!! Know how to fix it! 2023 Guide

Coinbase account restricted - 2022 guide

If you are a crypto trader or invest your earnings in cryptocurrency, but you are facing a Coinbase account restricted issue.

You're facing this coinbase account restricted issue because You're violating Coinbase's User Agreement & policies. You can solve this by simply letting them know about the exact issue through a Contact support form or Telefone number.

In this article, we are sharing the simplest and most effective way to overcome the coinbase account problems.

    Why is my Coinbase account restricted?

    When users sign in to Coinbase and complete 2-factor verification, immediately they get prompted message that their coinbase account is now restricted for some reason.

    After that they are not able to add payment methods, sell, buy or receive Cryptocurrencies.

    Coinbase account restricted - Payment method

    Sometimes, few people say "coinbase account restricted for no reason" and others face "In coinbase, you can't add a payment method while your account is restricted" issues.

    But do you know why people face those issues? 

    1. It usually happens because coinbase thinks that you are violating their User Agreement & policies. You are doing something wrong with their system like using a Rooted device and trying to breach their Security.

    2. If you close your Coinabse account, then Coinbase disables your Payment methods, the capability of buying, selling & trading Crypto.

    Other potential reasons for account restriction are you've provided incomplete information. Payment methods need your Bank account, personal, KYC & other details.

    How to fix "Coinbase account restricted"?

    First, we have seen the reasons for account restriction. Now we'll see techniques on How to fix the problem.

    Method 1: Provide all required details

    First, confirm that you have put all the necessary information like personal details like Email, & KYC documents in the Coinbase account.

    According to coinbase guidelines, they require all the address details, Bank information & other information, and docs to verify and process the transaction.

    Also, make sure that you have done factor verification or any other Secure verification for your Coinbase Account.

    Method 2: Reset the password

    Try to reset the Coinbase password, because we've seen that people have solved their account problem just by changing the Password with the String password pattern.

    1. Open the Settings section of Coinbase and navigate to Security Tab.

    2. Under the Password section and change your previous Password with a much stronger one.

    3. Now, enter the PIN Verification code you received on SMS.

    Now try to open the Payment section or Trading Crypto section, whether they are working or not.

    Method 3: Using the Customer support

    If the previous method doesn't work for you, then you can use this method as it is suggested by the Coinbase team.

    1. Select the Need support method from the bottom right corner. 

    2. Scroll down till you find the option Contact us.

    3. Now, select which type of Coinbase account you have and choose the following options for different fields.

    Account restriction fix for Payments method - 

    Coinbase account restricted
    • Let's get started: - Managing my account
    • What is your issue about? - Linking a Payment account
    • What seems to be the problem? - Other issues
    • Email address associated with your Coinbase account - <Enter the email which you used for Coinbase>
    • Subject - Coinbase account restricted!
    • Message - <Explain your Query in detail>

    Account restriction fix for Sending/receiving Crypto - 

    Account restriction fix for Sending/receiving Crypto

    • Let's get started: - Trading and Funding on coinbase
    • What is your issue about? - Sending or Receiving crypto
    • What seems to be the problem? - BTC
    Other details you can fill by yourself as its values can be different for you.

    4. Then select Send verification email. Now, the Coinbase team will send you one verification link in your email.

    5. Open the link and submit the details.

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    Method 4: Contact Coinbase support through Telephone No. 

    Still not fixed, then try to contact the coinbase support team If you are from the US, UK, or Ireland.

    US/International  +1 (888) 908-7930 

    UK  +44 808 168 4635 

    Ireland  +353 1800 200 355

    They will definitely help you to solve the problem. 

    Why is my account restricted from buying Crypto?

    This happens because the Coinbase app thinks that you're not legit to buy/sell the Cryptos right now. 

    Make your account capable by sharing personal bank and other details. So, the Coinbase team can allow you to use the game feature

    Or use the trick that we have shared with you in this article.

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    Why Can’t I Buy Crypto on Coinbase?

    There can be many reasons you can't purchase Crypto on Coinbase. 

    1. First, check whether your country's government allows you to trade Crypto. Because, in some countries, Crypto is still an illegal currency.
    2. Check whether you have added all the required documents and details which are required by Coinbase.
    3. Check that you aren't using any Trick to break the security of the coinbase app/website.
    4. Make sure that you're not using any Rooted or Jailbreaked device for trading in Coinbase

    What you can do to avoid coinbase account restriction!

    To avoid unwanted Coinbase account restrictions or termination, you can follow these safe practices.

    1. Do not use any third-party apps which can be harmful to your Device's security
    2. Don't use rooted or Jailbroken devices to use the Coinbase app
    3. Provide all personal & Location details and KYC Documents
    4. Don't change your devices, because of this Coinbase may restrict your account

    Our Views

    We hope that you find out this tutorial useful to fix the Coinbase account restriction issue.

    The success rate for this method is around 80%. Even we have also removed those buying, selling & payment restrictions using the same method.

    If you still have any queries or want our help, please don't forget to comment down below. We'll defiantly help you out!

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