How to play 8 ball on iPhone & android with iMessage or Messenger?

How to play 8 ball on iPhone & android with iMessage or Messenger

You can play 8 Ball pool directly on your iPhone by installing it from Appstore. But then How to play 8 ball pool on iPhone with your friends on iMessage? You can achieve it by using GamePigeon.

GamePigeon is an iMessage-based gaming application that provides multiple games like 8 Ball, Mini Golf, Basketball, Cup Pong, Archery, Darts, etc. which you can play with your family and friends on your iPhone or iPad.

It works in iOS versions from 10 to 14. Don't worry if you're between them.

Also, we're covering How to play 8 ball on Facebook messenger? as it is similar to the 8 ball on iPhone with iMessage. So Along with iMessage, you can play 8 ball or 9 Ball pool on any iOS or Android device.

    How to play 8 ball on iPhone with iMessage?

    As you know, 8 Ball pool can be played on iPhone or any iOS device directly. But to play it through iMessage, we'll need to install 3rd party app called GamePigeon.

    1. First, download & Install the GamePigeon app on your iOS device. 
    2. Open iMessage and select New message.
    3. Now Select the GamePigeon app from the top side of the Keyboard and send it to your friend.
    4. Once your friend also opens this game through iMessage, then you both can start playing 8 ball pool on your iPhone.

    You can also customize your player profile, music, and sound in 8 Ball Pool. 

    how to play 8 ball on iMessage on an android device?

    If you are searching for how to play 8 ball on iMessage on an android device, actually you can't play 8 ball on iMessage. 

    Officially iMessage isn't available on the android platform. The android platform has an iMessage clone apps which is developed by 3rd party app developers like Bluebubble.

    But those apps don't have play Games through iMessage functionality. So, you can try an alternative method, you can play 8 Ball pool on Facebook messenger with your friends through messaging.

    How to play 8 ball on Facebook messenger on an iOS or Android device?

    Just like iMessage, we can also play 8 ball on iPhone & Android with Messenger and Facebook. Just make sure that you're using an older version of messenger.

    Because Facebook has discontinued playing games through messenger. They have shifted intended games to the Official Facebook app.

    How to play 8 ball on iOS and Android Facebook messenger

    This method works only in older and outdated versions of a messenger. This method will not work in the latest version of messenger. So, install the older version of messenger.

    1. Open messenger and choose your friend with whom you have to play a game.
    2. Select 4 dots on the left side of the Typing box.
      How to play 8 ball on iOS and Android Facebook messenger

    3. Here you'll find the Games option. Search for '8 Ball Pool' and select it.
    4. If you want to play 8 ball pool with your friend, then select multiplayer and send the game request.

    How to play 8 ball on iOS and Android Facebook app

    If the previous messenger method doesn't work, then you can try this method. Facebook allows its users to play millions of games with their friends.

    1. Open the Facebook app and then select your Menu. Here you will find different options.

    2. Choose the Gaming option as shown in the screenshot.

    How to play 8 ball on iOS and Android Facebook app

    3. Now search for 8 Ball Pool. Open it and select the Play button.

    How to play 8 ball on iOS and Android Facebook app

    4. Wait to load the game and Select the play with friends option. Now search your friend's name and send him/her a request.

    5. It will send a game request to Facebook messenger. This is a new method to play 8 ball pool on the Facebook app through messenger.

    How do you play pool on iPhone messages?

    - You can play Millions of Games on iPhone messages or iMessage including Candy crush, Mini golf, archery games, Pool games, etc.

    We have given proven methods to play Pool games like 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool on your iPhone with using iMessage.

    Can you still play games on Messenger 2021?

    - You can't and you can. If you're using latest version of messenger then you can't play 8 ball on messenger. 

    But, if you've installed previous version, probably version which was rolled out in 2019. Then still you can play it.

    Alternative method is Play 8 ball on Facebook app. We've already explained "how to play 8 ball on facebook app".

    How do you hit the ball in 8 ball?

    - It is not a tedious work to hit the ball or play the 8 Ball game.

    1. Open 8 Ball in your iPhone or android phone.

    2. Press the Pool stick and drag it down. Then release according to the Ball's direction.

    3. It will hit the ball!

    Our opinion

    8 Ball pool is really the best game to reduce your stress with your friends. You can directly install it on your iPhone or Android phone.

    But, you can play it through messaging apps like iMessage and Messenger. You just access it through the app. 

    In this article, we've described how you can play 8 ball pool game on your iPhone with iMessage and on your iOS or android devices with Messenger & facebook app.

    If you are still facing any issues while playing 8 ball on iPhone & Android with iMessage or Messenger, feel free to comment. So we can help you to solve your problem.

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