Bank of America - EDD -Transfer funds to your bank

Bank of America - EDD -Transfer funds to your bank

If you are an Account holder of the Bank of America and Want to transfer EDD funds to your Bank Checking or Savings account? then you can use these easiest methods.

EDD funds are that money issued by the Employee Development Department. Bank of America(BofA) allows us to transfer it to our Bank account by using different methods. Bank of America EDD card is one of the types of prepaid card.

    Can you transfer money from an EDD card to a bank account?

    Yes. you can. It's totally possible to transfer your EDD funds from an EDD card or account to a Bank account.

    Just follow the simple steps which we have given in this article.

    Bank of America - Transfer EDD funds to your bank

    There are 2 different methods to transfer EDD funds to your Bank account, one is through a Toll-free mobile/telephone number and another is by using their official EDD transfer website.

    For any of these methods, keep ready all of the details of your Bank account like Routing number, Account number, & Check number, etc.

    Method 1: By Calling the Customer care number

    If you have opted for the calling method, then you can try this number 1-866-692-9374 to contact Bank of America customer care. So, they can proceed with your payment transaction.

    Now take your EDD card and Bank details on where you wanted to transfer EDD funds. Provide bank details and EDD details once they will ask you.

    And you've done with the process! Now within 2-3 business days, they will transfer your money from EDD to your Bank account.

    Method 2: By Using Bank of America website or app

    The second method is using the Bank of America website or their official app. Both work fine but we'll recommend you to use the website!

    1. Now, open the Bank of America website and log in with your credentials.

    2. After login, select Transfers under the My Money menu.

    Bank of America - transfer EDD

    3. There you'll find the total amount available in your EDD account.

    4. Now enter the amount in Textbox and Checking/account number in Transfer To.

    5. Then select Transfer to initiate the transaction.

    Now you will receive entered amount into your account within 2-3 business days.

    Just like a Website you can download the Bank of America mobile app and use it to receive money from EDD.

    You can use this app to use your received money from EDD for purchasing and transferring money to others.

    Can I transfer money from my EDD card to a cash App?

    Only in one condition if the Cash app is connected to a Bank account like Google Wallet, Google Pay, or Paypal.

    How long does the EDD Bank of America transfer take?

    The process of transferring the EDD funds from Bank of America to your Bank account normally takes 2 to 3 days. 

    If it is taking more than that then try to contact the Bank of America Customer care number which is 1-866-692-9374.

    What is the Bank of America EDD transfer funds limit?

    Bank of America's EDD transfer funds limit is $5000 per Week.

    Bank of America - How to check unemployment card balance?

    You can easily check your Unemplieyment or EDD balance online by not going to Bank. 

    Just log in to the Bank of America website and navigate to the EDD section of the website through Menu. There your unemployment balance will be visible and you can transfer it to your bank account.

    How to transfer Bank of America EDD funds without a card?

    Actually, you don't need any Card to transfer the amount just log in to the Bank of America EDD section from the menu. 

    Then you will find the available amount in your EDD account. You can directly transfer it to your Bank account.

    For more details, read this post carefully.

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