6 Mistakes Managed IT Services Makes when Managing a Network

6 Mistakes Managed IT Services Makes when Managing a Network

Managed IT services are responsible for a company's network management. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the network runs smoothly. 

Managed IT service providers need to ensure business network configuration, network hardware modification, performance control, and security. 

If the managed IT service provider is not careful or does not have the proper knowledge to change the network, the business network may be disconnected which may result in loss of your business. 

As a managed IT service provider your first responsibility is to find out what went wrong in network management. Then you have to move forward to solve that problem or error. 

So how do you find such network errors? How do you fix a network error? How to provide an alternative solution immediately after receiving a network error? 

Is it possible to find a solution before creating such problems? It is necessary to know the answers to the above question to offer the best services to a business network. 

And that's why we've discussed below the 6 common managed IT service providers that can create errors during network management. First of all, if you know about the error, it will be helpful to find out the solution.

6 Mistakes Managed IT Services Makes when Managing a Network

If you want to maintain your reputation as a managed IT service provider, you need to handle network management and errors efficiently. Otherwise, you will ruin your reputation. 

So you and your staff need to be aware of some of the pitfalls in advance. Then any problem will be easy to solve quickly. And that is why today we will discuss some common errors that may occur during network management that can be created through managed IT service providers. 

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#1. Not Monitoring

The first problem that a managed IT service provider has is not monitoring the network. If you are wondering what is the need to do network management all the time, then you cannot keep professionalism. 

The most effective way to catch network errors is to monitor the network. But how to do network monitoring or what tools to use? 

You have to make this decision according to the size of your business and the type of network. If you have trouble choosing a network monitoring tool, you can contact us. 

However, if you do not have a network monitoring system, it will be difficult to quickly find network errors and move forward to fix them. 

So as a managed IT service provider first take adequate measures of network monitoring.

#2. A misconfiguration on network devices

When you connect a new network to your hardware, it needs to be configured correctly to suit your entire system. 

You need to configure the network so that you can connect one network to another. Moreover, if there is any problem or up-down at any time, it should be able to report properly. 

Otherwise, if you can't configure the new network properly with the network device then data transfer will be a problem. 

Moreover, network monitoring can also be a problem. 

So if you do not have to be careful in the network device configuration, errors will occur again and again.

#3. Network device not update

Network devices need to be updated on a regular basis when it is available. The reason is that when your business is expanding, you need to set up a network system so that you can easily upgrade the network. 

When connecting to a new network, you need to think from the beginning so that you do not endanger yourself. 

Problems will arise if a managed IT service provider does not regularly upgrade network devices with new technology. 

When connecting to a new network, you need to think from the beginning so that you do not endanger yourself. 

When connecting to a new network, you need to think from the beginning so that you do not endanger yourself. So a Managed IT service provider you have to think about it here. 

#4. Access control not set up properly

Your business has a lot of data that not everyone can access. When you provide services to other businesses they can control a lot of things and view your data. 

If you can't properly control access, others may use your important data. It may be harmful to your business. 

So according to your staff or users, if you do not control access then problems may arise. 

This error cannot be on your network. It is a great mistake many providers make as a new managed IT, service provider.

#5. Do not change the default network password

You need to change the default password after installing a new device on your network. Many do not consider it important. 

But this simple error can leave your network access in the hands of others. So you need to change all the default passwords on the network devices. 

At the same time, you need to constantly set new passwords on your network. Otherwise, the control of your network may go to someone else. 

So even if you make this mistake anew, it will never be done if you read this article.

#6. Neglecting network logs or inefficiency in network management

The network device generates new logs and you need to seriously analyze this important information. It needs to be analyzed to increase the security of your business and to understand network errors. 

On the other hand, if you don't use skilled people in network management, you can’t manage problems quickly. This can put your business in danger considering your competitor. 

For this, you need to manage network management through a skilled team. Only then will the number of mistakes in network management be reduced.


Usually, the above mistakes are made more by the new providers. If you want to do business with a reputation as a managed IT service provider you need to be careful about avoiding those mistakes. 

Only then will you be able to outperform others quickly and your users will also get better service. You can securely protect data and provide guaranteed service if you can follow it carefully. 

Hopefully, this post will help you in network management.

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