How to turn off Screen mirroring on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & Chromebook?

How to turn off Screen mirroring on iPhone, iPad and Android?

If you searching for a solution for How to turn off screen mirroring, then you're at the right place.

You can turn off screen mirroring on iOS devices by disabling a Screen mirroring option under the Access Control Center

For detailed steps and turning off screen mirroring on other devices, continue with this guide.

Here in this article, we'll cover each and every aspect and fix the solution of Screen mirroring on Android, iPhone, & iPad devices.

So, let's get started with the tutorial.

    What is Screen mirroring?

    Screen mirroring is one of the best and most helpful features of smartphones. 

    Screen mirroring AKA casting is the technique of projecting or casting one device's screen to another device through Bluetooth or a Wifi network.

    Mostly, people use screen mirroring to cast their smartphone screen to bigger displays like TV, Laptops, Desktop monitor, etc.

    Almost all smartphone manufacturers provide an in-built screen mirroring feature.

    How to Turn off or Disable Screen mirroring?

    Here we'll see a tutorial on disabling the Screen mirroring on both platform(Android and iOS).

    How to turn off screen mirroring on iPhone or iPad?

    There are multiple ways to turn off screen mirroring. But here we're showing a most simple and convenient method to mirror your screen.

    This method works for newer versions of iPhones like iPhone 13, 12, 11, X, XR, 8, 8 Plus, etc.

    The first is through iOS Settings and the second one is through the Access control center.

    First, we'll see the settings method, Before getting started with the tutorial, make sure that your iPhone/iPad is connected to the same wifi where your other device is connected.

    1. Open your iPhone/iPad settings app.

    how to turn off screen mirroring - Settings

    2. Select ⚙️General option. Select AirPlay or AirPlay & Handoff.

    how to turn off screen mirroring

    3. Check that Automatically AirPlay to TVs options are set as Automatic or Ask. If not, then uncheck the Never option.

    how to turn off screen mirroring

    4. Now swipe on your iPhone's screen to open the Access control center screen. There you will find the Screen Mirroring option.

    5. Select that and Under Screen Mirroring, select the Device model name.

    6. You've successfully disabled screen mirroring on your iPhone/iPad. 

    How to turn off screen mirroring on android devices?

    Disabling Screen mirroring on android devices like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Google is a bit different as iOS uses AirPlay to mirror the screen of iPhone or iPad's display.

    Android devices use a screen mirroring feature called casting. You can cast anything from your Android device to your TV.

    1. Turn off screen mirroring on the android system

    - Open the Android settings app or Simply swipe down and open the notification center of the android system.

    Turn off screen mirroring on the android system

    Now, Select this option and choose the device on which you want to turn off screen casting.

    2. Turn off screen mirroring on the Google Home app

    - If you are using Google's Home automation for Screen mirroring, you can turn off screen-casted devices like Chromecast.

    Just open the Google Home app and you'll see a list of different devices connected through your Google Home app.

    Now manually disable the screen-casted device.

    3. Turn off screen mirroring on Youtube

    - Most of the large application and streaming platforms supports Casting the content to other device feature.

    Youtube has a dedicated Casting feature to mirror the Youtube video into TV or any other casting-supported device.

    How to turn off screen mirroring on android

    You can enable it using this button which is shown in Screenshot.

    2. Another way is by using Android's in-built.

    a) Open the android settings app. Select the Quick settings option.

    b) Now press on Screencast Button.

    c) In the list, you will see connected devices.

    d) If you're casting the screen, then you'll see the Turn off button.

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    How to turn off screen mirroring on mac?

    This tutorial is for turning off screen mirroring on the mac which is mirroring its screen to the TV.

    1. Open the Quick settings on your android TV.

    2. Then open the General option and choose Apple airplay settings.

    3. Switch the Airplay off.

    4. Now we have to turn it off from the Mac. Select the TV icon on the top of the screen.

    5. Under 'Airplay to', select the device where you're mirroring Mac's screen.

    6. Turn that Airplay option off. That's it!

    How to turn on and off Screen mirroring on Chromebook?

    Chromebook devices used HDMI ports and cables to mirror the Chromebook screen. Chrome OS has an intended feature called Mirroring under Display settings.

    Now have a look at how can we turn on and off the screen mirroring in Chrome OS with easy steps.

    1. First open Chromebook Settings and then select the Displays option there.

    2. Toggle the Mirroring option under Internal display to project your Chromebook screen.

    3. Same way you can turn off the scene mirroring for your Chromebook device.

    How to Turn On or Off Screen mirroring on Windows PCs?

    Windows also supports a screen mirroring feature called Display mirroring. Windows allows us to mirror primary screen content onto the secondary screen. 

    Display mirroring on Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and the latest one 11. This Display mirror feature is supported on older versions like XP, Vista, and 7 also.

    1. Open the Control Panel and select Appearance and personalization.

    2. Then select the Display option.

    3. Now Choose the Resolution or Adjust Resolution option present under the left side column.

    4. Select the drop-down menu to choose the Multiple display option and then select Duplicate these Displays.

    5. Select Ok to apply the changes we've done.

    How do I know if screen mirroring is on?

    : There are many ways to check that Screen mirroring is on or off. You can check it through Settings or through the Access control center.

    Open the Settings app and follow this path(General>AirPlay). Check the Never value under the AirPlay option.

    Now swipe up and open the Access control center. Then, check whether you are getting a Recording sign there or not?

    How do I turn off screen mirroring in settings?

    : In iPhone or iPad, you will find this option under the General setting. Choose the General settings option then select Airplay.

    Now, Select Airplay, and you will find Three options there

    • Never
    • Ask
    • Automatic

    Select Never or Ask according to your preference. But don't select Automatic. Otherwise, it will start mirroring the screen, when you click the screen mirroring button in the Access Center.

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    How do you fix screen mirroring?

    : First, encounter what exactly is a reason for the problem you are facing while Screen mirroring.

    If you are facing issues in Enabling Screen mirroring on your Smartphone side then 

    • Restart your iPhone or iPad or Android device
    • Do update your Device to the Latest version
    • Use 3rd party Screen mirroring apps

    If you are facing the issue on the TV side where you want to mirror the screen, then make sure that

    • Your TV is connected to the Same wifi network where your Smartphone is connected
    • Your TV supports Screen mirroring
    • Update your TV OS to the latest version

    How do I stop my phone from casting on my TV?

    : If your phone is iPhone, then Swipe up and disable Screen mirroring from the Access Center.

    If you are using an Android phone, then open the application from where you are casting anything to TV.

    Where do I find screen mirroring on my iPhone?

    : On iPhone or iPad, it's easy to find and turn on or off screen mirroring. You just need to follow a simple path in the settings app of your iPhone.

    First of all, select General and then Select the AirPlay option. It will enable or disable your Screen mirroring.


    Screen mirroring is the best feature that you can use on your iOS and Android devices. Both platforms supported Screen mirroring with stable functionalities.

    But people face issues in Turning on and off the Screen mirroring on smartphones or TVs.

    After reading the entire article and applying it, you will not face any problems with How to turn off screen mirroring on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

    If this tutorial finds you beneficial then de shares this with your friends and family who are also facing difficulties in Screen mirroring.

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