How to watch IPL 2021 free in India

How to watch IPL 2021 free in India?

From today 19 September 2021, the postponed season of IPL 2021 is continued by IPL and BCCI board. 

But most people are facing issues while watching app in Hotstar and they want the alternative of Hotstar to watch IPL 2021 free.

When anyone asks you how to watch IPL in 2021 for free, you'll need to do these sets which we are given you in this article.

You can download these 5 apps for IPL live streaming.

How to watch IPL 2021 free in India?

You can use the Hotstar app to watch IPL 2021 with the best quality. But it's not free to use. You will need to pay for it.

But Where to watch IPL 2021 online? I've got the answer. You can go for the following apps. I've shared the top 5 apps to watch IPL 2021 free in India.

I am providing are the Best Apps to watch IPL live free without a subscription.

1. Oreo TV App

It is the best alternative to Hotstar and other online TV apps. It provides 6000+ channels through the internet for free.

The categories Oreo TV provides are Movies, TV shows, Web series, News, and sports channels.

If you are planning to watch IPL 2021 season for free, you defiantly have to grab this app.

Steps to watch IPL:

1) Open the Oreo TV app.

2) You will find Very nice and polished UI in the Oreo TV app with Carousal of IPL.

3) You can select the IPL Match link from that carousel or you can watch the IPL from the categories section also.


2. HD Streamz

HD Streamz is recommended app for those who want to watch IPL 2021 season for free. It works 100% in all of the androids with 99% uptime bandwidth.

HD Streamz provides users 1000+ channels and special sports channel to watch LIVE IPL match in 480P, 720P, and 1080P (HD) video quality with High-quality audio.

We can use external video players like MX Player, Android player to play videos or this app has its inbuilt HD Streamz video player.

It supports all countries like India, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, Qatar, Nepal, UAE, etc.

One great thing about this app is that they don't use any copyrighted streaming services.

Steps to watch IPL:

1) Open the HD Streamz app.

How to watch IPL on HD Streamz

2) Select the India channel section as shown in the screenshot.

How to watch IPL on Pikahow

3) Select Sports as a category.

How to watch IPL on Pikahow

4) then choose Start sports 1(Hindi) or Start sports 1(Hindi) according to your choice.


3. Pikashow App

If the HD Streamz and others are not working for your case, then you can go for this app.

Pikashow app has different categories like Hollywood, Bollywood for Movies. Series for Web series(Indian or other country-specific), TV Series, and Shows.

One special category for Live TV includes News, Movie channels, Sports channels, etc.

Steps to watch IPL:

1) Open the Pikashow app.

How to watch IPL on Pikahow

2) Select the Live TV option as shown in the screenshot.

How to watch IPL on Pikahow

3) Select IPL HQ and it will start playing IPL.


4. Live NetTV App

Live NetTV is used to watch Live TV over TV on your Smartphone and smart tabs. This android app allows you to watch movies, news, and Sports.

Just like the HD Streamz app uses Internal and external Video players. So we can use this app to watch IPL 2021 for free. 


5. Hunk TV App

Hunk TV is the best alternative for Hotstar and for those who are looking for the best app to watch IPL 2021 free.

Hunk TV features more than channels of Movies, Sports, news, cartoon, and many more.


How to watch IPL 2021 free on Jio TV?

It's easy to watch Jio TV. You will just need a Jio sim with any recharge. Put the jio sim number in your Jio TV App.

1. Install the Jio TV app and then register it with your Jio sim card number.

2. Make sure that you have done one recharge for that Jio number. OR At least get anyone who has done the recharge.

3. Get their number and put it in your Jio TV app.

4. Now, Open the Jio TV app and head towards the IPL section in Jio TV or search for Star Sports 1 channel.

5. Enjoy your IPL 2021 season for Free!

How to watch IPL 2021 free on a laptop?

If you want to watch IPL 2021 free on your personal computer or Laptop, then either you will need to Install Android OS or Install Android Emulator.

1. First, install android for your device by using the android x86 project or You can go for Bluestacks.

For installation, we've created a tutorial on How to install Phoenix OS(Android OS) on a Laptop or PC? Go and Check it out!

2. After installation, you can install any one Application which I mentioned earlier in this article.

3. Open Play store and Install Application or Simply visit our website and this article. Download the app and start using it.

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