How to Skip or Block ads on Hulu? Does AdBlock works on Hulu?

Hulu ad blocker - how to block ads on Hulu?

Do you like to watch movies, web series, and TV serials? Have you heard the name, Hulu? It is quite a popular VOD(Videos on-demand) streaming service. They offer videos, series, serials, and TV shows & News.

Hulu is available on mobile devices, TVs, gaming consoles, and digital media players. We often got stuck while watching videos due to ads and here we need an ad blocker for Hulu!

Hulu is a subscription-based video streaming platform. Hulu provides an ad-free experience to its plus subscribers. 

So, we need to pay for ad-free entertainment to Hulu. Subscription starts from 5.99$ which is quite expensive and it only offers the 'NO ADS feature'.

As Hulu Plus provides an ad-free facility and it's far better to use an extension or another method to block ads in Hulu and we will see them below.

    How does Adblock works on Hulu

    We see the best ad blocker which is made for your requirement. But first, do you know that how an ad blocker works.

    It just figures out the ad code is present or not and filters them out from the website. You can install it on your PC or on your web browser also.

    Adblock software works on Almost every video streaming platform like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

    How to Skip or Block ads on Hulu? 

    1. AdBlock

    Hulu ad blocker - adblock
    Hulu ad blocker - AdBlock

    AdBlock is one of the best and widely used ad blockers for Hulu & other streaming platforms. It excludes almost all types of advertisements. Its main features are it gives a better browsing experience, removes distractions like banners and pop-up ads, compatibility, and mainly focuses on your privacy. It is available on almost every platform like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, macOS, and Android.

    Increase Your Speed - Improve page load and save memory all while experiencing faster Internet.

    Protect Your Privacy - Don't let advertisers track you across the Internet.

    Remove Distractions - Eliminate pop-ups, banners, and video ads, so you can see what really matters.

    Support Websites - Support a healthy ecosystem for websites and content creators by allowing Acceptable Ads.

    Download from here

    2. Hulu Adblocker

    Hulu ad blocker
    Hulu ad blocker

    Hulu adblocker or Hulu ad skipper is an ad blocker that is specially designed for Hulu to block or skip ads. It effectively prevents advertisements from being displayed on a Hulu platform or any other webpage.

    Sometimes, the basic Hulu plan also shows ads. So, we can use the Hulu ad blocker to skip ads when we play the video. The best thing about the ad blocker is it updates itself according to the banner ads and skippable ads. So, if you see any ad while watching a video on Hulu. Hulu ad blocker finds it and fixes it through the patch update.

    Well optimized for Hulu - Its best feature is it updates itself according to the advertisements

    Ideal for normal use - Best-suited ad blocker for normal and commercial use, as it blocks almost all ads from Hulu and other websites.

    Premium quality adblocker - Blocks 90-95% of ads from any advertisers and that makes it a premium ad blocker

    Download from here

    3. AdBlock plus

    Hulu ad blocker - adblock plus
    Hulu ad blocker - AdBlock plus

    AdBlock plus ad blocker plugin is also can be an option to the previous app blockers. This adblocker does not actually remove the ad, but it replaces the ad with a blank place.

    It provides fast browsing while we surf on different websites and it also supports streaming platforms like youtube, Vimeo, and Hulu. The only con of the ad blocker is we have to manually disable the ad for each website.

    Fast browsing - Experience a cleaner, faster web and block annoying ads

    Free and open-source - AdBlock plus is free and open-source

    Work perfect on the streaming platform - This ad blocker works like charm for Hulu, Youtube, and Vimeo

    Download from here

    Does AdBlock work on Hulu?

    After reading all of these you got a question does this AdBlock work on Hulu? And the answer is Yes, Adblock works well on Hulu. 

    You just have to select a good and well-performing Adblocker. As we've reviewed some great Adblockers on this post.

    You can use Adblock or Adblock Plus to block ads on Hulu. If these adblockers don't work, you can choose Specialized Hulu Adblocker called Hulu Adblocker.

    Conclusion on How to Skip or Block ads on Hulu?

    There are several ad blockers is available on the web which you can use to block ads on Hulu, but choosing the best one from them is a tedious task. 

    The Adblocker should work to fulfill your requirement like it should work every time and should block the ad each time to provide a better watching experience.

    So, If you can't offer Hulu plus or you don't want to subscribe to Hulu, then you can use those ad blockers. All mentioned ad blockers are free to use.

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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