3 ways to check how much hertz my monitor has!

 how many hertz is my monitor

Want to check How much hertz(HZ) your monitor has? It's possible to check the Hertz frequency of your monitor screen.

Also, the framerate of a desktop screen is also adjustable or changeable.

Windows provides the feature within Display settings to check and change the refresh rate of your Laptop and PC monitor.

If you are looking to check and change the Refresh rate in MacOS, you can check it also.

    How to check 'how much hertz is my monitor'?

    There are many ways to check and Monitor hertz frequency. You can check it through Windows settings or by using 

    How to check Monitor hertz or refresh rate in Windows 10 laptops or PC?

    To check "How much hertz your Monitor supports or the refresh rate of any monitor", follow the simple steps.

    1) On the desktop screen, right-click and select the Display settings option. It will open the Display monitor settings windows.

    How to check 'how many hertz is my monitor'?

    2) Now scroll down till you find Display adaptor properties, select it.

    3) In the Generic PnP monitor window, navigate to the Monitor tab and you will find the Screen refresh rate option under the Monitor settings section.

    How to check 'how many hertz is my monitor'?

    4) Check what the screen refresh rate is and it is going to be your monitor's Hertz frequency.

    How do we know 'how much hertz frequency-capable is my monitor' in Windows 11?

    The method is a bit different in checking hertz frequency or refresh rate in Windows 11.

    1) First, open the Windows 11 Settings page.

    how many hertz is my monitor' in Windows 11

    2) Follow this path System > Display > Advanced display, you'll find the Monitor screen display settings section.

    3) Select hertz frequency under Choose a Refresh rate option.

    How to check your monitor Hz Windows 7 laptop or PC?

    The method to check the monitor Hertz(Hz) on a windows 7 laptop or PC is the same. Check the steps which are given for Windows 10.

    1) Right-click on Desktop and select Screen resolution on It will open the Display monitor settings of your Laptop or PC monitor.

    2) then select Advanced settings. It will pop up the Monitor settings window. 

    3) Now Navigate to the Monitor tab. Select Refresh rate under the Monitor settings section.

    4) By default it's 60 Hz for most of the Monitors if the monitor is LCD.

    You can decrease, increase or change it according to your need.

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    How to change the refresh rate on a monitor?

    Most of the device runs on a 60 Hz refresh rate by default. You can change it to 120, 144, or 240 Hz if your device is that much capable.

    Windows and Mac offer this functionality, so users can modify the Screen refresh rate with ease.

    1) On the desktop screen, right-click and select the Display settings option. 

    2) Now select the Display adaptor properties option from that window.

    3) In the Generic PnP monitor window, navigate to the Monitor tab and you will find the Screen refresh rate option under the Monitor settings section.

    How to change the refresh rate on a monitor

    4) Select how many hertz you want on your monitor and click on Apply to apply the changes.

    Check the hertz frequency of your Monitor and change the Refresh rate by using the Processor Graphic Driver Utility?

    Still, you can check and change the refresh rate of the monitor regardless of the OS Version. You can achieve it by using this technique on any Software and on any version.

    You Processor and Motherboard manufacturer provides this feature to check and modify the Refresh rate frequency using their respective Graphic driver utilities.

    1. First check your processor manufacturer and open that manufacturer's graphic utility tool. In my case it's Intel.

    2. If you don't have any tool then Visit their official website and download it.

    3. From the dashboard of the Utility tool, navigate to the Display section.

    4. There you will find a Refresh rate option to change the Refresh rate.

    Monitor Hertz(Hz) levels

    The monitor can support from 40 Hz to 360 Hz screen refresh frequency. You will find different variations in Monitor hertz levels like 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, 240 Hz, & 360 Hz, etc.

    For normal day-to-day use, You won't need more than a 60Hz Monitor. 60 Hz is enough. 

    But if you are a gamer, then 60 Hz is a minimum requirement that you have to consider when buying Monitor.

    Most Gamers prefer 120 Hz or 144 Hz Monitors, as they provide a much better and smooth gaming experience.


    Can my monitor run 144Hz?

    Yes! Of course. If your monitor has a 144Hz Refresh rate, then you can play video, & games at upto 144 Frames per second(FPS). 

    Check that your monitor is supporting the 144 Hz or 120 Hz or 60 Hz. As we have given different methods and ways to check and modify the Hertz frequency of the Monitor in this article.

    Is 240Hz better than 144Hz?

    Technically, 240Hz is better than 144Hz. But the difference is negligible. You won't notice it easily. Even for hardcore gamers, a 144Hz display monitor is the best and recommended option.

    How much refresh rate is best for Gaming?

    60 FPS is the Ideal and playable refresh rate available for Gaming. But if you want an even more smooth gaming experience you can go with 120 or 144 FPS.

    Can 60Hz run 120fps?

    No. 60 Hz display monitor can't run more than 60 fps. You can run a maximum of 70 fps video or Game by Overclocking the device hardware.

    To play 120 fps video or games you'll need capable monitors. then 120 Hz or more than that can solve your problem.

    How many FPS can a 60hz monitor display?

    60 Hertz(Hz) monitor display will give you a 60 fps refresh rate to play games and do other stuff. 60 Hertz means your monitor screen will show 60 frames in 1 second.

    How many Hertz is the average monitor?

    Usually, you will find most monitors with 60Hz. But if you are considering the gamers on this list, you will probably find a 120Hz frequency of average monitors.


    We concluded from this article that you have many options to check your Monitor screen refresh rate or Hertz frequency.

    These methods work well on different platforms like Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, or even on MacOS.

    If you have any queries regarding checking and changing the refresh rate of the monitor please let us know in the comment section.

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