Top 7 Alternative of Shadow of Death: Dark knight Game for android and iOS

Top 7 Alternative of Shadow of Death: Dark knight Game for android and iOS

Shadow of Death: Dark knight is one of the popular and most played Fighting adventure games on mobile platforms.

It is a similar kind of game that most of us had played during our childhood which is 'Prince of Persia'. It was an amazing adventure game that was available on most Mobile Platforms.

You can read more about Shadow of Death: Dark knight.

It is a Paid game and we can't play it for free. As it is a Paid game, most people search for alternatives to this game.

If you are also finding the alternative to Shadow of Death: Dark knight, then you came to the right place.

Here I'll share 7 alternative games to Shadow of Death: Dark knight with you. So, let's get starts with it.

    1. Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2 is a Classical Fight game available on Mobile devices. It is developed by Nekki which is a popular fighting game developer company.

    It is an online multiplayer game. You can play it with your friend or you can also play it with a computer Bot.

    In this game, your fighting character looks like a shadow and they use different swords and Magical fighting powers for fighting against the enemy.

    It has great fighting animations and actions which gives you better gaming performance than Shadow of Death.

    It is available on Android and iOS

    2. Takashi Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last Samurai

    Takashi Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last is a story-based Ninja assassin fighting game. It has some great Evil monsters to fight with your Samurai character. It is developed by Horizon Gsmes Inc.

    In this game, you can upgrade your character's Skills using the coins and points that you can collect through defeating enemies.

    It has different levels that we have to pass by defeating enemies with their boss at last fight. After every Level completion, we get some bonuses and coins which we can use to purchase or upgrade skills.

    It is available on Both Android, PC, and iOS platforms.

    3. Shadow Fight Arena 

    Shadow Fight Arena has 3D in-game Graphics and realistic actions & animations that provide you an Ulitmate gaming experience.

    It is a multiplayer game so you can play with different players or even with your friends. It offers Simple controls which makes your gaming much more precise.

    It has Discord integration within the game so you can communicate with your friends while playing the game.

    It can be a great alternative to Shadow of Death: Dark Knight.

    It is available on Both Android and iOS platforms.


    No gamer doesn't know anything about Mortal KombatThis game is popular worldwide as the Most High-Graphic rich game and actions packed Multi-platform online game. It is developed by Warner bros. developing studio.

    It has tons of different fighter characters from heroes to Monsters. It offers different Fighting modes and different battle styles.

    It is available on Every platform from Android, iOS, Windows mobile, Windows PC, and macOS.

    5. Tekken

    Tekken is a top popular game in fighting games. It is also our childhood a game that we have played on TV Video gaming consoles.

    It is developed by the Popular Japanese Gaming developer company BANDAI NAMCO. 

    This game has some cool-looking graphics and realistic fighting actions with 3D effects. It also offers dozens of fighting styles, missions, challenges that need to be open to moving further in the game.

    It also features an online Multiplayer fight between you and your Friend. Just connect to your friend's account and start your TEKKEN Fight.

    This game requires a Powerful Hardware configuration on your Device because of its Graphics.

    It is available on Both Android and iOS platforms.

    6. Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors

    We have seen all the others games are 2D and 3D games. Dragon Ball Strangers Warriors game is the True 3D Game and You can play it in a 360-degree environment. 

    It's a more advanced and high graphic game than other fighting and combat games that we have seen in this article.

    We have different locations in this game like a temple, street, Island, etc. 

    You can choose all popular Dragon ball z characters like Goku, Vegeta, Picollo, Gohan, Androids, Tien, Frieza, etc with their all abilities and Powers.

    Currently, this Game is in Testing Phase and is only available on iOS devices. The developer of the Game promised that they will bring this game to Android soon.

    7. Stickman - The Flash

    Stickman is a Simple adventurous fighting game where your character runs continuously with weapons to fight against Enemies like evils, demons, and monsters.

    It is a completely offline game that you can play anywhere and anytime. You will not require an Internet connection on your mobile device to play this game.

    Defeat the enemies and at last defeat the Big Boss of the Enemies to get Bonus points, coins, and Weapons.

    It is very easy to control and play the game, you can play Stickman just by swiping and tapping. It is developed by Storm hit games. 

    It is available on Both Android and iOS platforms.


    We have shared the most popular and great alternative to the Shadow of Death: Dark knight Game in this post. If you liked our work then shares it with your friend.

    If you have any queries regarding the Alternative of Shadow of Death: Dark knight game for android and iOS, ping us in the comment section.

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