Google play credit to steam card? Buy steam games with google play!


convert google play credit to steam card or account

Want to convert google play credit to a steam card, transfer it to a steam account or Buy steam games with google play? Technically it's not possible right now. 

Since Steam hasn't implemented Purchase through Google play balance on their official app.

But we've found one method which works pretty well. That we'll be going to see in this article.

    How to convert google play credit to a steam card or account?

    First, keep in mind that there is no official way to convert our Google play credit into a Steam card or balance.

    1. Type Transfer google play balance on Google Play store & Install any app you want (I would suggest, Go for the app which has high ratings).

    OR You can use the CashOut app as it is specially created for US people.

    2. Select the amount and select the EXCHANGE button.

    3. Select payout method as Local Bank Transfer. It will convert your money to a Bank account cash.

    4. Now select the payment method as Google Play balance from the option is shown in the screenshot.

    5. This app will process your payment and it can take 1 week or 1 month time.

    6. Now use transferred money to purchase Steam cards. 

    How to exchange a google play gift card for steam?

    The previous method is used to convert google play credit to steam. Here in this method, we'll exchange a google play gift card for steam.

    We'll do it through 3rd party app called Prepaid2Cash.

    NOTE: This method only works for the United States. For other countries, please refer to our other guide on How to Transfer Google Play balance or credit to PayPal, Bank, or Amazon?.

    1. Download the Prepaid2Cash that I have mentioned earlier. Sign up and do other formalities.

    2. Now select the Scan option to scan the Google Play card. It will open the camera to scan the card.

    3. Select the transfer button to transfer funds from Google Play credit to a Bank account or Debit.

    4. You'll receive the amount within 15 min as the App company says that.

    5. Once you successfully transfer your money to your Bank account, you can simply use it to purchase a Steam card.

    They support all types of prepaid Debits and Gift cards. Their service is reliable and more secure than other apps.

    They will take some amount from every transaction that you make from this app. It's around 40% something. Please refer to their official website for more details.

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    How to Buy steam games with google play?

    Once you successfully transfer your Google play balance to your Bank account then you can buy Steam games using this money.

    Sorry, but you can't buy directly using Google play balance or gift card money. 

    Can you convert google play money to steam?

    Yes. First, you will need to transfer it to a bank account, then only we can buy steam cards or do any purchase.

    Can you use google play cards on steam?

    According to Steam guidelines and policies, you can only use Paypal, bank account, or Debit cards, etc. Steam doesn't support Google Play cards or Balance credits.

    Can I use google play credit on steam?

    You can't. First, you will need to convert it into Cash, then buy anything you want in Steam.

    Our thoughts

    From the above article, we've concluded that there is not a direct way to transfer the Google play card credit to a Steam card or balance. 

    Still, you can convert your convert google play credit to steam. First, convert google play credit to a bank account then transfer that money to a Steam account to use it in Games or to buy any steam games.

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem. 

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