Google play credit to steam card? Buy steam games with google play!


convert google play credit to steam card or account

Want to convert google play credit to a steam card, transfer it to a steam account or Buy steam games with google play?

Technically, it's not possible right now. Since steam hasn't implemented Purchase through Google play balance on their official app.

But, we've found a few methods which work pretty well. This method still works in 2022 also. That we'll be going to see in this article.

    How to convert Google play credit to a Steam card or Wallet money?

    First, keep in mind that there is no official way to convert our Google play credit into a Steam card or balance.

    Before getting started with any step, please read the entire article carefully. Here, we've explained a total of 3 methods to transfer your Google play Balance or Gift card.

    Sell Google Play purchases to your family or friend

    This is the alternative and indirect way to transfer Google Play credits. It will definitely work.

    But, you'll need to ask so many people and he/she should co-operate with you on this.

    The plan is like finding someone who wants to buy something like App, Game purchase, Book, or any other google purchase subscription from the Google Play store.

    Now, you have to purchase that thing for him/her using Google play credit and then we'll share the purchase with him.

    Open Google Play and log in with your Google account from where you've purchased something for your Friend/Family member.

    Create Family Library

    • Open your android device and say "Hey google, create my family"
    • then Family library page will get open
    • Here, you can add a person or create a family group

    After that, we'll create a signup for the family Library from Google Play

    • Navigate to your profile
    • Select the¬†Family option from the settings
    • then select Sign up for Family Library
    • Follow all the instructions which it will tell you to do.

    Once you finish creating a family library, we'll share the purchases with your Friend or family member in the Family Library.

    • Select Manage parental controls
    • There will be two different options - Add items Automatically when purchased & Don't add automatically, I'll do it myself
    • You can choose anyone. But, we'll suggest you select the second option and then we can add it manually from the App page or game page

    As you'll add new purchases to your account it will get added to your family member also.

    In the same way, you can add Books, Movies, Games, etc. to your account and share them with your friend.

    Before making any purchase please make sure that the purchased item is eligible to be added to Family Library

    We've explained it within a few steps. For more details, read this.

    How to exchange a Google play gift card for steam?

    The previous method is used to convert google play credit to steam. Here in this method, we'll exchange a google play gift card for steam.

    Using the Gift card selling platforms

    Paxful and Gameflip are the two platforms where you can sell or exchange your Gift cards with money or crypto. We've tried both platforms, so you can try any one of them.


    Paxful has a dedicated option to convert Google play gift cards to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Then we can sell the crypto to buy anything we want.

    Open the Paxful 

    Select any one offer and follow the instructions

    Once, you'll receive the Crypto from the seller, you can use it to purchase Steam games or gift cards.


    Gameflip is also another best platform to sell your gift card.

    1. Register with Gameflip and select Google to play gift card option
    2. Select Quantity and put your Gift card details
    3. Add the Gift card price and tap Done
    4. Once a Google Play gift card will get sold, you'll get notified on this platform

    Then you can transfer the deposited money into Bitcoin or PayPal account. After that, you can use a Crypto or PayPal balance to purchase Steam games.


    How to Buy steam games with google play?

    Once you successfully transfer your Google play balance to your Bank account then you can buy Steam games using this money.

    Sorry, but you can't buy directly using Google play balance or gift card money.

    Can you convert google play money to steam?

    Yes. First, you will need to transfer it to a bank account, then only we can buy steam cards or make any purchases.

    Can you use google play cards on steam?

    According to Steam guidelines and policies, you can only use Paypal, a bank account, Debit cards, etc. Steam doesn't support Google Play cards or Balance credits.

    Can I use google play credit on steam?

    You can't use Google Play credit directly on Steam. First, you will need to convert it into Cash, then buy anything you want in Steam.

    Or alternatively, you can transfer your Google play credit or gift card to a Crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum. By using Crypto, you can buy anything you want like a Steam gift card.

    Our thoughts

    From the above article, we've concluded that there is no direct way to transfer the Google play card credit to a Steam card or balance.

    First, convert google play credit to a bank account then transfer that money to a Steam account to use it in Games or to buy any steam games.

    Also, we've explained some steps to convert the Google play balance to a Gift card, and then we can sell the Gift card.

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.