Getting Network connection error on Start Game in PUBG Mobile / BGMI / Free fire!

Getting Network connection error on Start Game in PUBG Mobile / BGMI / Free fire!

You probably have faced the issue like Network connection error when you tried to start the game on PUBG Mobile, BGMI, or Free Fire.

A potential reason for the error is either your device network connection is not working or you haven't given Internet permissions to your android device.

If you want to get rid of the Network connection error on the start Game, just follow this tutorial.

    How to fix Network connection error on Start Game?

    1. Provide all permissions

    First of all, give all the required permissions which are required to play any game. i.e Storage, telephone, Audio.

    1. Open android settings > Apps and Games(Names of the settings vary by devices like Installed apps, or anything else).

    2. Search for the game info on which you are facing a network issue. 

    3. Now find app permissions and then there give all the required permissions.

    4. After that open Other permissions, Just Tap on Change Wifi connectivity.

    5. Then open wifi and tap on Network settings reset. It will open a new settings page, now tap on Reset settings.

    6. Now just reboot your device so if any glitch happens during settings will get fixed.

    2. Use VPN

    Using the VPN always helps for issues like network issues, Not available for your region, Not accessible for your device, etc.

    Download any paid or free VPN from Google Play Store or App Store. Both works just fine!

    Open the VPN app and connect it with those countries where PUBG or Free fire is allowed or Not Banned. You can choose Europe or America server but both will give you High ping issues.

    Try to select Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc.

    3. Use APNs

    Changing the APNs (Access point Names) can solve your Network connection issues. Just open Mobile data or cellular data settings. Choose a sim provider and tap on resetting its APN.

    Or you can create your new APNs also, Just go to google and search for APNs for PUBG Mobile and Free fire. 

    If you have knowledge of APNs or know how to create your own APN, then try to use APN for your Problem.

    4. Use DNS Trick

    Using the DNS trick can help you to fix network connection problems on PUBG Mobile or Free fire. 

    1. Open the device settings app and select the Wifi.

    2. Now it will open Wifi Page, the select wifi settings(Gear icon).

    3. Then follow the path with the Advanced option. Then tap on IP settings, select Static instead of DHCP.

    4. On DNS2, remove the values and add which is google's default DNS.

    5. Now press Save and Boom!

    You have successfully set up the DNS for Games like PUBG Mobiel or Free Fire.

    5. Reinstall or Repair Game

    If the previous method didn't work for you, then you can try out this method. 

    If nothing is working then the only option that remains here is either Reinstall the game or Repair the game. This really works because reinstalling or repairing the game or app resets all resource files and caches.

    For Free fire, you can try to reinstall it because there is no option like repair game is available on Free fire.

    For PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds mobile India(BGMI), you can reinstall or there is a Repair option is available.

    My thoughts on how to solve network issues at the start game

    We have shared all the working methods and techniques which you can use to fix Network connection errors on Start Game while playing PUBG Mobile, BGMI, or Free fire.

    All the given methods work, and we have tested all of the methods. Just try each of them one by one. So, you can get the reason why your device was showing an error message while Starting the Game on PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.

    If you have any queries regarding this article, then please comment section. So we can help you to fix your error.

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