7 Ways to update Android phone & its apps without wifi !!!


7 Ways to update Android phone & its apps without wifi !!!

Have you ever updated your Android phone without wifi? If NO, then this article is going for those people.

Some people want to update their Android devices without using wifi and also you may face some issues while updating. So, You can update your android device without wifi.

How to update an android phone without wifi?

I. Update android device using Mobile Data

To update an android phone without wifi, just follow the below steps.

1. First Turn off your Wifi and Turn on Mobile data on your android device.

2. Open settings on your android phone and search for System updates.

3. There you'll find an option to disable Only update software using Wifi. Select it to update it through Mobile data.

Update android device using Mobile Data without wifi

4. Now try to update it. If you do not found that option, then your OEM manufacturer hasn't enabled Update software through Mobile Data (Mostly in the latest android version like Android 10, 11).

5. Wait! we have other methods to update it.

II. Update android phone using a mobile hotspot

If the previous method is not working for your android phone. Your smartphone doesn't have the option to disable Only update software using Wifi, you can try this method.

You can update your device by enabling another smartphone's Mobile hotspot. It is a kind of portable wifi. You can easily update your device using it.

III. Update your android device using a USB Tethering

You can also update your device using USB Internet or USB Tethering. This functionality of android OS allows us to use Computer's internet on Mobile phones.

1. Connect your device to your PC using USB.

2. Open android settings and search for USB Tethering. Enable it.

Update your android device using a USB Tethering

3. In Windows PC, open Control panel > Network connections and right-click on Ethernet. 

4. Then first click on Properties and then Sharing tab.

5. Now, you will see two options, select the first check box - Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection.

6. That's it. Now try to update your device.

For a more detailed explanation, refer to this article USB Tethering

IV. Update your android device using Computer

If any of the methods of OTA (Over the Air) update is not working, then you can update it manually by installing Software directly using Computer.

Just download the respective OEM OS software file, supported Flashing tool, and Flash it. You can Google for a tutorial on How to flash. Because every smartphone has different techniques to flash.

The big drawback of this method is, it is applicable for only big updates like update which offers features update, OS upgrade to the newer version, etc.

So, if you are planning to update your device from Android 10 to 11 or iOS 13 to 14, then this trick will work for you.

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How to update Android apps without wifi?

I. Update Android apps with Cellular/mobile data

If you want to update your android apps, then you can achieve it through Google play store settings.

1. Just open the Google Play store and head towards the download settings.

How to update Android apps without wifi?

2. In settings you will see the Network Preference > App Download Preference option, just select the Cellular or Mobile data option there.

3. Now just try to update apps and games using mobile data.

II. Update Android apps without Wifi Using 3rd party App store

I will suggest you use this method only if the previous one isn't properly working. Using 3rd party App Store may install viruses on your device.

But, here I am sharing the application which is completely safe as of now. Download Tap Tap App Store from this link - TAP TAP

1. Turn on Mobile data. Open this app store and open it.

2. Go to the application library and find the application which you want to update.

3. Tap on update and done!

III. Download the app from Google

This method isn't recommended, but if anyone is in need of previous methods isn't working. They can go for this method.

Get the version details of the app and search on Google. 

I'll suggest you use the most trusted sites like APKPure. APKPure is now the most trusted app store website after Google play store.


All the given methods may work or may not work. It depends on your case that, which method will be better for you.

If you have any queries reading how to update Android phones and apps without wifi, comment it down so we can help you!

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