[FIXED] - How to Turn off Google voice typing on any android device?

Android Has so hundreds of small but powerful features to solve our day-to-day life problems.

Google Voice typing is one of them that we can use to type any text using Voice. 

But some people prefer to type manually & don't want that on their keyboard as it may get pressed by mistake during typing.

It also increases the RAM and Storage of your android device. If you don't want that just follow simple steps.

So in this article, we'll be going to share 2 different ways to turn off Google voice typing on android devices. This method works on all android devices which has an inbuilt keyboard.

    how to turn off google voice typing on any android device?

    For Google Keyboard (Gboard):

    1. Open Settings from apps OR slide down and select a Gear icon from the Top bar

    how to turn off voice typing on any android device

    2. Now Scroll down till you find the System option and select System

    3. Then you'll see the Languages & input option there

    how to turn off voice typing on any android devicehow to turn off voice typing on any android devicehow to turn off voice typing on any android device

    4. Now you'll see an On-screen keyboard > Gboard > Voice Typing

    5. After that Disable Google Voice Typing

    6. Done! You have successfully Turned off voice typing on your android Gboard

    For Google Indic or any other Keyboard:

    1. Open Settings

    2. Scroll down and select System

    3. Tap on the Languages & input option

    4. If you have other keyboards like Indic or your Device's Inbuilt Keyboard, then follow this path On-screen keyboard > Indic/Other keyboardsVoice Typing

    5. After that just Disable Use voice typing

    6. Done!

    If you don't find the given path then just search 'keyboards', 'Language & Input', and 'Input & Gestures' on the system settings. It will show all installed keyboards on your device.

    How to turn off Google Voice Typing in Whatsapp Keyboard?

    There are many ways to turn off or Disable the WhatsApp keyboard.

    You can follow the steps that I've explained in the previous method OR continue with follow steps. Both methods work just fine.

    1. Open keyboard on Whatsapp(On search option or on Chat).

    How to Turn off voice typing in Whatsapp Keyboard?

    2. Then tap on the Gear icon as shown in the picture.

    3. Now select the Voice Typing option and you will see Voice Typing is Enabled by default.

    4. You can Disable it directly from here.

    How to turn off Google Voice Typing or Tap to Speak through the Google app?

    First of all, Understand the difference between Keyboard Voice Typing and Google Voice Typing AKA of Tap to Speak.

    Keyboard voice typing is a feature of the android keyboard and is used to type words anywhere.

    On the other hand, Google Voice typing is an intended feature of the Google Search App.

    1. Open the Google search app and Tap on the More tab

    How to turn off Google voice typing or Tap to Speak on android?

    2. Then select Settings and then the Voice option after that

    3. Now a new page will open and we have to select Voice Match from that

    4. Finally Disable the Hey Google option. done!

    How to turn off Google voice typing on TV?

    Some android TVs support Voice typing which is an alternative to controlling and searching for anything through a TV Remote.

    Turning off Google voice typing on TV is similar to other devices. If you haven't read the previous paragraph then read it first.

    To disable Google voice typing Just open Android TV settings and search Keyboard or Language & Input. Search keywords vary by Different versions of Android.

    Now Turn off the voice typing feature from there.

    Final Wrap-up

    There are two ways to turn off Google voice typing on an android device. Different virtual keyboards have different methods like Gboard, Indic, Swype keyboard, and any other customizable keyboard.

    Go and find which keyboard is installed in your case and follow the given steps.

    Just like Whatsapp you can disable or Turn off voice typing from any app which supports a Virtual keyboard.

    Also, this method can be used to disable Google voice typing or the Tap to Speak feature of Google Search.

    If you have followed all the above steps then you will not face any issues while turning off voice typing on your android device.

    Still, if you have any problems, you can comment with your queries. So we can help you to fix them.

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