How to reduce High ping in PUBG mobile & Battlegrounds Mobile India?

how to reduce ping in PUBG mobile & Battleground's Mobile India?

PUBG Mobile is Popular & one of the best Multiplayer Battle Royale games available on Mobile and PC. Its hype is continuously increasing in the Gaming industry, especially in Asian countries.

PUBG Corp. and Crafton created different versions of PUBG Mobile for different countries.

PUBG Mobile - Game for peace, PUBG Movile KR, VN, & now releasing PUBG Mobile Indian versions - BattleGrounds Mobile India.

Due to their popularity, they have a large user base who used to play at least one match daily. Also, they have high-speed servers which give optimal performance to users.

Still, some users get a High Ping issue. Their Ping gets high up to 700 msAlso, some players from India have started playing other country's version like KR and Global.

I'll share some Tips & Tricks to reduce High Ping in PUBG Mobile & Battlegrounds mobile India. You will be able to play PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds mobile India in 20-60 ms latency.

So, Apply all the steps and this will definitely solve your ping issue.

Tips to reduce High Ping in PUBG Mobile & Battlegrounds Mobile India

1. Use a Data saver

Every smartphone has its data saving feature which is helpful in reducing unnecessary background Internet data usage.

Here we'll need to enable Data Saver from settings or you can enable it from the topbar section.

Open Data Saver, select only those apps on which you want to grant access.

I'll recommend you to only select PUBG Mobile and Google Play store services

Because Play store services are required to use internet background. You can disable them also If you are still getting High Ping.

Use a Data saver to reduce ping in pubg mobile

It just restricts other apps background internet usage and allows internet access for only those apps which are being used or those apps to which you have given access.

2. Use Gaming APN

Sometimes, PUBG Mobile high ping issue occurs due to slow internet from your Mobile Internet providers.

I personally use this method and it is my favorite method to Reduce the Ping in any online Multiplayer game.

I always use a Gaming VPN while playing online games especially games like PUBG Mobile, COD & Free Fire. This method works on every mobile sim card. 

I. To apply APN, Open settings and select Sim card and Mobile data option.

II. Now open the sim which you use for internet and select APN(Access point Name).

Use a Gaming APN to reduce ping in pubg mobile

III. Or simply direct search Access point Names.

Use a Gaming APN to reduce ping in pubg mobile

IV. Now create new APN. Add the following parameters.

Name:                                  Gaming Z
APN:                                     LTE
Username:                           @xpronet
Authentication type:            PAP or CHAP
APN Protocol:                      IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol:       IPv4/IPv6
Bearer:                                select all the option except Unspecified

3. Only use PUBG Mobile/BGMI

Use only PUBG Mobile and BGMI, remove other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram from recent apps. 

When we use all PUBG Mobile with other apps, it shares the internet with those apps.

Also, we keep some apps that we haven't used from a long time. Uninstall those apps from your device. It is also one of the reasons for High Ping on PUBG Mobile & BGMI.

Try to keep your smartphone's storage free. It may help to reduce lag in PUBG Mobile.

4. Clear cache

High ping problem can cause due to the cache files which get store into PUBG Mobile after every use. This can impact the internet connectivity of mobile devices.

Clear cache from apps section in settings of android device. Open the PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds mobile India from apps in settings. 

Now you will see Clear data and Clear cache button. Tap on Clear Cache. Don't clear data otherwise you'll need to download its data again.

5. Connect to a stable internet source

Make sure that you are connected to the stable wifi source or Mobile data network. It's very important to choose a stable internet source for low ping.

If you use a mobile network, then opt best Mobile internet and network service providers.

If you use a wifi connection, then buy the highest high MB/ps plan possible that the wifi router provides you good and stable internet.

6. Choose best location for Internet

Find the best location which will give you high-speed internet for your mobile device. 

whether you are using mobile internet or Wifi, test each and every position in your house. That also helps to reduce the High ping in PUBG Mobile.

Go and catch your position it can in the bedroom, living room, & kitchen!

7. Use Low graphics

Graphics are the major reason for High Ping. High Graphics is equaled to High Ping.

It's because PUBG Mobile uses More internet data to fetch the High graphics from the server. It not only uses more Internet data but also more CPU & GPU.

So, Keep your Graphics setting Smooth. Disable Anti-aliasing and Shadows also for better internet speed.

8. Use Game Booster

Using a gaming booster is one of the best practices to lower the lag and High Ping.

Game Booster is a simple application that allows only required resources while gaming.

Only use Game Booster which comes with your Mobile OS. Don't download any game booster app from the Play store. They will BAN your PUBG Mobile-ID.

9. Reinstall PUBG Mobile or BGMI

If you have tried everything but still the issue is there, then you can reinstall it. Just uninstall and install it from the Play store. 

Or you can also use the repair option in PUBG Mobile. It will reset all the files of PUBG Mobile without uninstalling it.

This method works mostly when you haven't reinstalled PUBG Mobile for a long time.

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Conclusion on reducing the PUBG mobile High ping

From above article, we conclude that you can reduce the Ping on PUBG Mobile any version and Battlegrounds Mobile India by using the given Methods. 

Try out each steps one by one and apply them carefully so you will not face any problem.

If you have any suggestions, problem regarding the guide, or it is not helping you then ping us in comment section.

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