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Evernote search not working

We often use different to-do apps for our day-to-day work & Task management. basic everyday tasks, we can be managed by mobile app. 

Evernote is one of them. It is a very useful application to manage tasks. From managing different tasks & notes to creating to-do lists we can do anything. 

Every app has its own bugs & defects. One of the Popular bugs in Evernote is Search isn't working perfectly every time.

It is so frustrating that when we create Notes and when we need it, it doesn't find those created Notes in the Evernote app.

Evernote search not working on Windows PC & Mac OS

There can be many reasons for Evernote search is not working or stopped working issue. We'll see each of them one by one.

1. Check Internet connection

Check intenet connection evernote search not working

But before we start troubleshooting the issue, please make sure that you have saved that specific file, you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Because if you are not connected to the internet for some reason, Evernote will not able to search any query. Offline mode is a Premium feature, you have to pay to use it offline.

If you are not sure that you are on a stable network change the internet source and try. Perform troubleshooting if you are a windows user.

2. Make sure notes didn't contain attachments

If any other file like pdf & docs is attached with a note or task, then you will not able to search that file. It is also a Premium feature of Evernote.

So make sure that notes and task files didn't attach with any other external files.

To solve this problem buy their subscription or search the notes or tasks manually by scrolling.

3. Downgrade the Evernote

If you are still facing the Evernote search not working problem, You will need to downgrade it to the older versions.

Download the previous version from their official website or authorized file providers. I would suggest you try 2 previous versions. e.g. If you are using the version latest one which is 11.0, then try 10.0, 10.4 & 9.0.

The issue may happen because of bugs in the specific version, so downgrading the version back to the previous version always help.

Also, check that Evernote servers are supporting previous versions or not. Because some software developer company ends their support for older versions.

Use them until the newer version comes with the bug fix.

4. Reset search caches

Sometimes searching issues arise due to some unknown error that happens to the indexes of searches. We can reset those indexes.

Just press and hold the Help option in the menubar, now press the alt button on your keyboard. Now you will see the option called Rebuild search Index after the Help in the menubar.

Select that option and it will reset the search indexes from the database. Now you will able to search for the query that you want!

Evernote search not working on Web Client, Android, & iOS

Reason for the issue Search not working on Evernote is completely different than web clients and mobile apps on Desktops like windows pc and macOS. Because they are built in a different manner, using different tools.

Web client and mobile apps(like android, windows mobile & iOS) are completely cloud-based apps. They even use the cloud infrastructure for searching. 

So the searching issues occur very rarely. The main reason for the searching issue on web clients and mobile devices can be an internet issue or an Application's internal issue.

1. Use all previous methods

Perform all the methods that I've mentioned in the previous part of the post. i.e. If you have a free subscription. Then make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection. You didn't attach any file with notes.

Also, try to download an older version of Evernote If you feel that the previous version was the better than current. Simply uninstall the app and download its apk file from other trusted sources.

For web-client & mobile platforms, the Rebuild search index option isn't available. 

2. Reset and clear the cache

If you have tried previous methods but didn't work, then try to reinstall or reset the Evernote mobile app. Go to app settings and clear the data and cache. 

It may help because sometimes the device sores some temporary file which creates issues for other features of the app.

If you save any query regarding the Evernote search not working and you want to provide us any suggestion, comment it down. So we can help you to solve your problem.

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