Tinder - How to Hide your Age & other details? (Paid & Free methods)


Tinder - How to Hide your Age? (Paid & Free methods)

Tinder is one of the most popular and well-known dating platforms among teenagers, and adults. There are so many dating websites and mobile apps are available on the market.

But the tinder is a well-polished platform than others as it provides some great features which others don't.

One of the great features is that they allow us to hide the age and other details. Because some people don't like to share their Age and other details on a Dating platform.

If you also want to hide your personal details like age and your location details then read this article carefully and don't miss any step!

How to hide your Age & other details on Tinder?

Actually, Tinder doesn't allow everyone to Hide their age and other details directly. You will need some special access or Premium account to hide your details i.e. you'll need to buy their Subscriptions.

Generally, Tinder offers 3 subscriptions - Plus, Gold, & Platinum. If you have any of that, then you can able to hide details like Age and Distance from the viewer.

If you have A Premium Account, then follow the below steps :

1. Just open the Tinder app. Now open your profile & tap on Edit Info.

Tinder Hide age

2. Scroll down till you find the Control your Profile option. Now just tap on Don't Show My Age & if want to hide your distance from the viewer, tap on Make My Distance Invisible. That's it!

Tinder Hide age

If you do not have any Premium account, then follow the below step:

1. Download the file from here - Server 1 and Server 2.

2. Open ⚙️Setting. Allow install from unknown sources, the path is settings > safety and privacy > Install apps from Unknown Sources.

3. Install the Tinder premium app and follow the steps that I have explained in the previous method.

4. Done! You have successfully Hide the age on Tinder!

How to Hide or Deactivate the account?

If you want to hide your Age and other details forever or Want to deactivate the account, it's possible for non-premium users also.

To Deactivate the Tinder account,

1. Open the Tider app and navigate to your Profile page.

2. Now Tap on the Settings and it will open the setting page.

3. Then Scroll down till you find Deactivate or Delete account Button. It will Delete your account forever.

Keep note that it will remove your account with all your data, so perform it carefully.

How to fix the Tinder Age Restriction issue?

If you are a kid and not above 13, then you will not able to Sign up & log in to Tinder. Wait, I have one bypass method for that. You just need to log in with a Facebook account at age 13 instead of a Phone number.

Open the Facebook account with age 13 for this method. If you already have a Facebook account and want to change its Age, then just follow the given steps.

1. Open your Facebook account and navigate to the settings option.

2. Now tap on Manage Profile, then select the Birth year according to the current date so it will show your age more than 13 years.


Tinder offers some great features for its users, to protect their privacy. If you have a Premium subscription, then you will able to hide your age on Tinder.

Also, I have shared some tips for Non-premium users also, they can also hide their age and other details on Tinder easily. Just follow the given steps and don't skip any method otherwise it will not work!

If you have any queries regarding changing and hiding the age on the tinder account, let us know in the comment section.

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