How to Create & share Private GitHub repository | Latest 2021 method

How to share Private GitHub repository | Latest 2021 method

If you are an Individual software developer or working in a team, definitely, you have heard the name of Github.

Git is used to rolling back the committed changes while software development. Github is complete development and code management platform with some extra development features like Git integration & community support.

It is used to store all project files like code, text documentation files, images, gifs, and other project-related resource files. It can be Public or Private.

People often face problems while Sharing Private repo. In this article, we will see how to share a Private GitHub repositoryalso How to add a collaborator to a private GitHub repository.

How to create a Private Github Repository? 

Here we'll be going to create a Private repository to add collaborators. 

1. To create the Private Repository, just select the Private option while creating the Repository.

2. Select New in the GitHub dashboard.

How to create & share a Private Github Repository

3. Now Provide the repository Name & Description. Now, select the Private option where Public is selected as default and proceed. Done!

How to create & share a Private GitHub Repository

How to share a Private GitHub Repository

We cannot directly share the files or Private Repository with someone. 

1. First of all, Sign in and open the Repository that you want to share with others.

2. Share it with others by adding them to your collaborator list.

To add a collaborator to the private GitHub repository, follow the below steps.

How to add a collaborator to a private GitHub repository

1. Select the ⚙️Settings tab from your Private repository. 

How to share Private GitHub repository

2. Now click on the 
Manage access option from the settings tab. Then Invite a collaborator button to add the person's Github name, Username, or Email address.

How to add a collaborator to a private GitHub repository

3. Github will send them an email containing the link to Accept or Reject the collaborator request. If the person accepts it, he will get access to your Private Repo.

How to change the private repository to public GitHub?

Changing the Private Repository to Public isn't a big deal! You just need to follow some simple steps which are as follows.

1. Open your Private repository in GitHub and click on the setting of the repo as shown in the picture.

How to change the private repository to public GitHub

2. Now scroll down till you find the Danger Zone section and select the Change visibility to change Privat repository to Public.

How to change the private repository to public GitHub

3. By using the same method you can also change the Public repository to Private Repository.

My views on share a Private GitHub repository

To share the Private Github repository with anyone, as I explained make a collaborator list and add the collaborators to it. 

While creating the collaborators make sure that you are giving access to people you know otherwise they can misuse your Private files.

If you face any difficulties or have any questions & queries comment it down.

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Who can see GitHub's Private repository?

: No one can see your Github private repository. Only you can see your Private repository. If you added someone to the collaborator list then they can see access your repo.

How do I access a Private GitHub repository?

: You can access the Private repository & your files in the Private repo. It's in the Dashboard of the GitHub page.

How do I share my GitHub repository?

: You can share your repository by adding the collaborators to a repository. Or you can share the link of your Repository.

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