Free fire config file 1.64.1 | LAG FIX | 60 FPS | latest June 2021

Free fire config file 1.60.6 | LAG FIX | 60 FPS | 1GB/2GB/3GB/4GB RAM

Free fire config file(LAG FIX)- If you like to play games, then you have heard the name of the Battle royale multiplayer game Garena Free Fire. It's popular among gamers & streamers.

It gained popularity because of its lightweight structure. Garena Free Fire is built with a lightweight framework to run on low specifications.

Even though the game is very light, some players face Lagging and Hanging problems during gameplay.

So, I am here to provide you optimized for the latest version of the config for free fire. Let's get started with it!

What is a Free fire config file?

The free fire config file is an HTML-based specialized configuration file. It is used to fix LAG that occurs during the Gameplay or To improve the gaming experience.

This Config file is used to remove lag which results in improved overall gaming performance.

So, you will able to play Garena Free Fire in 60 FPS with this config. 

Improved gaming graphics will boost the ranking in Tier and KD in current and upcoming seasons.

Features of Config :

60 Frames per seconds:

This Config file will let you enable a maximum of upto 60 FPS which is what the game supports.


It is Specially created for LAG issues. It just removes makes graphics smooth & some unnecessary elements.

Better than GFX Tool:

This LAG FIX Config file is far better than GFX Tools which increases the load on your device.


Earlier we download and use a config file that gets reset after the game restart. But this file is made anti editable mechanism. So no one can edit or reset the file directly.


It is BAN Protected file that is specially created for Free Fire. Don't worry, your account will not get banned.

Well optimized and balanced:

It is an optimized file, I have provided 4 different variants of these config files for 4 different RAM phones.

Download only those file which is specific for your smartphone. For example, 1GB RAM Config is optimized for 1G RAM Phones. 

Supports almost all phones: 

This config file supports all android smartphones which have 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, or 4GB RAM. 

How to Download & Install Free Fire Config file :

1. Download Files from the below link.

2. Download x-plore file browser to copy and paste the file (Must download if the android version is 11).

3. Extract the ZIP File and choose the folder according to your Device's RAM (For 2GB RAM device go with 2GB Folder's config).

4. Open File Explorer, Copy your config File, and paste it to PATH Android > data > com.dts.freefire > files & Paste the files here (Override the file).

5. Open Free Fire & Enjoy your Game !!

6. If not working, uninstall and reinstall Free Fire and do all steps again.

Download :

Just wait 30 seconds to load the file & then Download Config (HTML).

Tips to Fix the lag issue in Free Fire

After applying the LAG Fix config, you just need to follow some tips. I am sharing some tips to fix Free fire. This will make your game more smooth and better!

1. Reboot the Device

Always restart Free Fire before you start playing. It is a necessary step to make your gameplay more smooth. Because, when you restart the device, it refreshes all the resources which are being used for Free fire.

2. Don't play while Charging

Please don't play any high graphics game while charging the device. Because it creates pressure on Processors and RAM Unit, which results in Low performance in gameplay.

Also, don't play any game with a low battery. Because the device decreases resource usage after the battery reached less than 15%.

3. Remove back cover/case

It does not directly affect your gaming performance but it creates a big impact on the overall performance of your device. Because Mobile and tablet back cover traps the Heat which generated while playing the High graphics game.

4. Keep your device storage low as possible

It is a very simple but effective trick to lower the lag in free fire or in any other game. The lower storage is the lower resource that will be used by ROM and RAM. Just remove all the unwanted files, apps, and media from the device. Also, use google inbuilt junk cleaner in the Files app.

5. Remove unwanted Extension pack

I will suggest you remove all the extension packs. It is nothing but an in-game resource file that displays you the in-game assets like enemy's cloths and gun finishes, Bushes, and trees effects. 

If you want any extension pack which is very important for you, then keep this only and remove all the other packs. It will decrease the size of the free fire.

6. Use an in-built game booster

Using the game booster will improve the game speed and stop unwanted processes. This will result in well-optimized & enhanced game experience.

Only use in-built Game boosters which come with your mobile phones preinstalled otherwise your ID will get a ban for sure. Free fire identifies 3rd Party Game boosters as cheat engines. So avoid using them!

Conclusion on Free fire config file:

This Free fire config file is well optimized and balanced to deliver the best graphics and gaming experience. You can use this config file on all versions of Free Fire.

I have bundled 4 config files on a single Zip file for different phones, especially for those players who don't have good graphics and frame rates on their devices.

So what are you waiting for, grab your config and apply it to your device! Get ready to destroy all enemies and have a Booyah!

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is not Any hack or cheats, it is for enhancement of gameplay. Also, we don't promote any kind of hacking and cheating. The given information is for Educational Purposes only.


How can I download the fire config file for free?

: Yes! It's completely free of cost. Available for anyone who loves to play Free Fire.

How do I change the free fire config?

: You can edit the Free Fire config file. Just open the config on Computer with Notepad. Beware! You can break the config file. make a backup before editing the config file.

Is 1 GB RAM enough for free fire?

: Yes! 1 GB RAM enough to play Free Fire. But you will face some lag and hanging issues during gameplay. I will suggest you use Free Fire Config file which I have provided in this article.

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